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Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360
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    Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    Okay now I know editing game saves is fun and all but what about the golden days of really beating the crap out of games you beat. I mean really game saves with limited abilities. So I was thinking about game shark for dreamcast and I remember how I put the cd in then put in what codes I wanted then opened the top put in the game cd and bam everything was nice and peachy. So why can't something like that be done on 360? Or even better yet a homemade program in the 360's hdd that can be ran itself followed by the game you want to play god with. I am just wondering why this approach has not been taken. Not that I can claim I could figure out how to do it I am just shocked nobody has really tried. I mean jtag is nice and all but I am sure a software solution can be made without having to do a hardware overhaul.

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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    This should really be posted in the JTAG Section. Microsoft has the system locked down on legit systems. I doubt Microsoft would approve a GameGenie/GameShark/ActionReplay Software for the XBOX 360. People could cheat in mulitplayer and unlock achievements. Someone could maybe write some type of software that does cheating this way, but you would only be able to run it on a XBOX 360 that has been JTAG'd or RGH'd. FreeStyleDash did say they were working on Trainer support like the original XBOX had, but nothing has come of it yet.

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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    Achievements were the cause of cheat devices going extinct. Cause i'm sure it would be easy to block these devices from being triggered in multiplayer for most games.

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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    Trainers have been released for the JTAG, The deadrising games all have trainers, darksouls also I have only ever seen 2 people working on them and releasing mods for it. I wish I knew how as I think the trainers that have been released are some of the best mods I have used that dont break a game
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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    okay thats what I thought...It's just a big mess. I was just thinking about something fun for when a person just wants to play offline. no biggie. Thanks to all :)

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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    bottom line is anything out there is homebrew, there will never be a commercial product, ever.
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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    I know exactly what u mean gamerfrom1980 I too wanted this to happen, because u were able to do what u want. To me I not worried about cheating online because I don`t use live period. I just want to never die or run out of bullets, or never get knocked out in fight night,lol lol

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    Re: Game Genie/Game Shark Type Amp for 360

    Hi I am new here but been on the scene since sinclair spectrum +2 :) When psx cartridges were the rave I and my children with an Xplorer cart made so many codes and sent them into Xplorer International for sharing. Cartridges were excelent . I agree it would be as Tony the Tiger says
    '' Greeeeat ! '' I would think it would Xplode the market again in that direction.


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