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Batman Arkahm City
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    Batman Arkahm City

    I'm currently playing through Arkham City and I was just wondering if there was a in game feature where I can see riddles that flash on the screen. When they first pop up they fade too quickly for me to be able to read them. This leaves me to wander the area trying to take a picture of everything so that I can solve the riddle. Any help?

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    Re: Batman Arkahm City

    I've seen those alot when I pass through ? marks that is only visible to you in detective mode. I didn't see a place to read his riddles but in the riddler trophy section, you can find clues if you highlight one of the boxes that looks like old fashioned speakers to hear him speak.

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    Re: Batman Arkahm City

    Failing that just leave an area and then re-enter, it will flash the riddle up on screen again. But lunarclaw is right, the easiest way is to listen to them in the riddler section from the pause menu, it also tells you which specific area each one is in too. They seem to be alot harder than in the previous game but I'm still determined to get em all.
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    Re: Batman Arkahm City

    I've given up on all that. I found that once you get the ability to interrogate riddler goons, the location of the answer to the riddle (though you still don't know what riddle you're answering) will be marked on your map with an "[]" icon.

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    Re: Batman Arkahm City

    Unrelated to your dilemma, but related to the game, I made this out of a youtube clip of the animated series for my cellphone, and anyone else's if they want it.

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