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Rage got disc no supported error
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    Rage got disc no supported error

    hello, i have rage iso back up and i m using this thread: http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...in-Legit-order for iso mod. after i success burn this xgd3 game with imgburn and put it in my xbox and play. it got few sec blackscreen then pop up about disc not supported error. i quickly run a test with x.val 2.0 and now i fail ap2.5 check... i know my console beeing flag, i cant doing anything about it. i just want to know do it coz of my bad burn? and i never heard rage got civ check. or is it i use the iso mod that cause it?

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    Re: Rage got disc no supported error

    I had the same problem with that and Batman AC, in the end I used iso2god on them and dumped them in the content\00000000 folder and they work fine now. I've got an Hitachi drive though though so the new firmware isn't out yet, if yours is all up to date then I'm not sure why the discs wont load for you.

    Making god files might be a temporary solution for you while you figure it out.
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    Re: Rage got disc no supported error

    I'm pretty sure they have a retail box, all the talk about live, burning discs and the fact they even care about their xvalue when a nand flash cleans all sins.
    I don't know much about the checks but i do know screwing with the files tends to effect at least something minor, since the 0800 rips are claimed to be as good as it's going to get id bet money on the mods. Hell might even be both, i know c4eva put out that stuff about the burners for a reason.



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