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Dead Island How To Get Unencypted from GS with Modio & 7zip so you can Mod it!
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    Dead Island How To Get Unencypted from GS with Modio & 7zip so you can Mod it!

    It has come to my notice that a lot of you know how to Hex edit but are unsure as I myself was of how to get to the unencrypted GS in Dead Island. Follow the following directions and you should be able to do your own Hex mods to that DI GS!

    Get Dead Island game save from Xbox (I use a USB stick).

    1. Using Modio use "Explore a device".
    2. In Explore window select File then select Open/Close drive
    3. In left pane Navigate to your encypted game save.
    3. In right pane Select save then Right Click and Extract it to a folder (I use GS).
    4. Close the explore window and in Modio do "Open a save".
    5. Select the save and click on Open.
    6. Click on tab File Contents.
    7. Select the save and once again Right Click and Extract it
    to a sub-folder (I use X)
    8. Close the Open window.
    9. Using Windows navigate to sub-folder and use 7zip to
    open archive and extract save to same folder.
    10. If you did this with save_0 you now have a save_0~.

    The file save_0~ is your Unencypted GS.
    At this point make all your modifications to save_0~
    (or whichever number 0-9 it is)

    Now you will want to reverse the process to get changes
    back to Xbox.

    1, Open archive the save in sub-folder (one without the ~ at end) with 7zip and replace
    the original unencrytpted file by dragging the file with ~ at end into 7zip window.
    2. Close the 7zip window.
    3. Modio and Open a save.
    4. Navigate to first folder (I use GS) and open that save.
    5. Click on tab File Contents and select the save.
    6. Right click and select Replace File.
    7. Navigate to sub-folder (I use X) and select save_0
    (without the ~) and Click Open.
    8. Click on tab General File Info.
    9. Click on Rehash and Resign.
    10. Click on Save To Device.

    Try it out on Xbox.

    A B*I*G thanks to http://www.360haven.com/forums/member.php?166-Jappi88 for his posts as that's where it became clear to me on what I needed to do.

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