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Dead Island problems
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    O_O Dead Island problems

    I keep geting disconnected from xbox live which then crashes my xbox any one got any ideas its when im playing dead island and iv just started using a downloaded save it all works fine apart from when i play co op any feed back would be helpfull

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    Re: Dead Island problems

    I rented this game and had the same thing happen to me. My Xbox 360 kept kicking me off the network and locking up when I went online, so I recommend resetting your router first and foremost. Outside of that, the save could be kind of corrupted.


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    Re: Dead Island problems

    it may just be that save file

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    Re: Dead Island problems

    Have you tried using a new character, and starting afresh? - to rule out corrupted save?

    I had this issue (not this game though) and a change of router did the trick..

    Also, I'm assuming there's only 1 xbox using this line? we had 2 xboxes on live on the same line and it kept dropping out. I cant recall the method used to fix this (opening ports on the router) but if this could be the issue come back to me and I'll check my router when I get home.



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