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Please Help How Do I Get The Xbox Files Onto My Laptop
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    big robo

    Please Help How Do I Get The Xbox Files Onto My Laptop

    i have a forza 4 mod tool from xb360hazard (i think thats his user on here) but my problem is it cant find my xbox when i search usb in the programme. please can someone tell me what i need to do to get my laptop to connect to my xbox i would prefer a wired connection.


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    Re: Please Help How Do I Get The Xbox Files Onto My Laptop

    you cant hard wire your xbox to your laptop to mod the save game without the old style transfer cable but here is how to do it with a usb
    Things you will need....
    1) a usb that is formatted for xbox gamesave storage
    2)horizion/concept...modio (last resort)

    move the gamesave to the usb plug it into your laptop open up (2) extact the gamesave mod it rehash resign save it to your usb (Must save over old save so make a backup)
    eject from pc plug back into xbox move file back to harddrive and enjoy

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    Re: Please Help How Do I Get The Xbox Files Onto My Laptop

    Xbox.com has the info on it. I did it.



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