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Nazi Zombies Mods!!!
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    Cool 2 Nazi Zombies Mods!!!

    Does any one know of any way to GPD the DLC map packs i know the Title updates stoped it but i read some where that you can replace it with TU4 but i havnt been able to find a decent version of it any help at all on any non jtag related mods for these map packs would be realy helpful

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    Re: Nazi Zombies Mods!!!

    Jtag only...
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    Re: Nazi Zombies Mods!!!

    I almosted got a non Jtag Mod Working last night tho i booted up in offline with a Modded TU4 the dlc' where both ther and one was playble but the one id modded was running a script error , I will find a way some how i just wana explore the maps and shit iv played them all so much be nice to do some thing diffrent on them



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