Uncharted 3 over in 3 hours

Naughty Dog has been renowned for pulling out amazing and long lasting gameplay when it comes to their ten plus years of working in the games industry, but apparently a games tester working for The Dog (which is how I'll refer to them forever more) has said that the upcoming game (due to be released on Tuesday) will be over in a matter of hours if you play it right.

The director of the latest and possibly final iteration in the series, Justin Richmond, recently told Official Playstation Magazine that one of it's staffers who will remain anonymous, took on the game and clocked it in the time it takes to watch Dune (without killing yourself). The speed run was completed on Easy and with the anon tester being a beta tester, he was probably more than well versed on the game's many platforms, puzzles and plane crashes.

Not dissimilar to the Skyrim rumours earlier this month with that guy who clocked Skyrim in under two and a half hours. Whether or not it's two companies sizing up, I doubt it, as most games are, you know, remember, they're meant to be for fun. Who gives a crap how long it takes you to finish a game, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

That being said if you're reviewing a new game, you do tend to have to rush through it, which is why most reviews are contextually biased when it comes to how much they get with storyline or actual enjoyment, much like their life...reviewers probably don't deserve pity, just a thought.