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About the Xbox 360 Slim...
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    What About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    I'm wondering if anyone here owns the new Slim Xbox 360s and can tell me more about it? I'm about to purchase one soon.

    I basically want to know if it has more or less problems compared to the old/original Fat Xbox 360s. This includes versus the fat ones with Falcon and Jasper chips. Just wondering how performance and cooling is on it and whatnot.

    I hear discs apparently get scratched more easily on this one compared to the fat ones. True or false, or just the same as the old ones? Is the disc drive in general better?

    Lemme know what's up.


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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    I guess it still doesn't sound too bad overall... But man it really seems super-sensitive about the whole movement-while-a-disc-is-in thing. Shaking is unavoidable considering that I live in a mobile home and it's bound to shake or move from time to time.

    But that's not much of a problem for me...

    The part that gets me is "RDoD" (Red Dot of Death). That's supposed to be solved and fixed at this point with this revision/upgrade, but nope... Macrosloth still can't overcome that hurdle.

    There's still one more thing I want to know about the console: Its performance. I hear some new parts, including a motherboard and an XCGPU integrated CPU/GPU/eDRAM chip have been put in it amongst other things. So I'm wondering how it performs compared to the older one and how well it keeps cool with the new fan as well. Would be nice if it plays games better and smoother than the older model and also has little trouble with the new disc format and plays it more quietly.

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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    Not to double post, but...

    Never mind and disregard this thread.

    I finally got a slim for myself and it works great! Loving it.

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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    that's good to hear. anyway, did you mod your slim? like flashing it or RGH?

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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    I'm not a fan of the new disk drives, they have higher read rates (which is good but can also cause more freezing) and as a side effect causes excess heat. The solution is to keep the games you play frequently installed so the drive does minimal work. Has worked wonders for me so far :)

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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    More quiet
    Has good cooling system
    Awesome design
    Discs only get scratched if you start throwing the xbox while playing a game.... so yeah its good.

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    Re: About the Xbox 360 Slim...

    i have a slim and love it, i also havent experienced any problems, glad you got one Mister Epic, enjoy it man
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