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Dino Patti, boss at Limbo developer Playdead, doesn't like retail.
In fact, he's pretty anti-physical media in general. "Driving discs in a big van all over the world is really inefficient," he told Eurogamer in a recent interview. "I don't understand how anyone can make money out of this. Driving a truck to Japan just to get it delivered to people when they can get it from the net? Hopefully the new consoles will embrace the download space even more." Okay, we're picking up what he's throwing down, but what about flying discs all around the world? Surely that's cheaper and more efficient?

Joking aside, Patti's also against having to install console games, which he considers strictly PC territory. "It should be more like plug and play. The first consoles were cartridges. When it takes one hour to install Gran Turismo 5? I don't know. Obviously it improves performance, but they should be able to build consoles with better performance from the disc drive." We like watching Solid Snake smoke cigarettes as much as the next blog, but we admit he has a point here. Of course, install times have come a long way since then, but we understand Patti's frustration.

While we certainly wouldn't mind an all-digital future, we understand some people just like their physical media; a desire to hold the disc in their hand and smell a fresh instruction booklet. It's just how it is, even if it is a little bit weird.