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God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting
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    God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting


    God of War, the highly successful franchise, exclusive to the Playstation system, developed by Santa Monica Studio's and published by Sony, has just been brought back into the light since the 'last' installment of the story, God of War III, which released back in March 2010.

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    As of yet, the unannounced title God of War IV hasn't had any true kind of information, other than a whistle in the wind a few months ago from the PSM3 Magazine, stating that it would be set during Modern day, and will include a multiplayer mode, with a 'launch date' of September 2012. Besides that, a recent revelation was spotted in the form of a job posting from Santa Monica Studio's, asking for a "conceptual development" and "llustration" specialist for a God of War project, in an effort to "define and achieve a product's visual style or encourage artistic evolution within the studio."

    Not only that, it appears previous rumours of a Modern Era setting could be true, as the genre of the title is listed under 'Military/Combat'. To further source this statement, there was an unlockable video in previous God of War games, called 'Fate of the Titan', which shows off a military helicopter, and a jeep, among other things. A new protagonist is also a possiblity. It's interesting to say the least. Check out that video below, if you haven't seen it.

    Only time will tell what all of this means, so we will have to wait it out for this news to develop further.
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    Re: God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting

    not a bad video, good information shared also Sterling :), i look forward to further info about this
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    Re: God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting

    This video looks good so far , i,m waiting for some gameplay videos but nice share sterling
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    Re: God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting

    I had no idea they were going to take the series in this direction, makes me wonder really. I'm assuming it's real anyway. Nice find indeed.

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    Re: God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting

    a new hero they say hmm if it really true cant wait for more info on it
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    Re: God of War IV Found in a Recent Job Posting

    I hope this is fake, honestly God of War was superb because it was purely ancient Greek Mythology. Taking the game this direction would in my opinion ruin its concept and appeal. I feel this might be taking an Uncharted style. Plus considering in GoW3 most the gods are dead I can't imagine much left in the ways of Neo-Greeko Mythology.

    But thats my two cents.
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