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How to mod Halo 1 on a retail xbox 360
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    How to mod Halo 1 on a retail xbox 360

    This is a tutorial on how to mod Halo 1 on any retail xbox 360 that has a HDD. I first want to say that I don't take credit for this. I read how to do this on Halomods sometime ago (I think that was the site).

    Things you need:

    - You'll need someway to hook up your hard drive to your computer, whether by transfer cable or whatever.
    - Some Halo PC modding tool such as: Halo Map Tools or Halo Hacker Tools.
    - Modio (google it)

    1. On the dashboard of your Xbox, go to System Settings, and go to Memory, and then hit Y on your hard drive and go to Clear System Cache.

    2. Load up Halo 1 and now this is going to start getting confusing, just bare with me here, you can choose a maximum of 3 Multiplayer maps to mod and/or 2 Campaign missions to mod AT A TIME. If your wanting to mod Multiplayer map(s) then just load up a Split Screen game on the map you want to mod and then Leave Game and if you want more than one Multiplayer Map to mod at a time then just do the same thing, split screen a map, and then Leave Game. And if you want to mod a Campaign mission, just start up Single Player on the mission(s) you want to mod and then when it hits a Checkpoint, you can Save and Quit.

    Now, when you got what you want, you can turn off your 360. And load your hard drive up to your PC.

    3. Now, for the device opening tool, I'm going to use Modio because it can access Partition 0 on your HDDs. You can use a different tool if it can access Partition 0.

    4. Now, you should see there is a Partition 0 with 3 Folders under it called Xbox 0, Xbox 1 and Xbox 2. And were only going into Xbox 0.

    5. Now, those Cache files are the map(s)/mission(s). Now, Cache 1 and 2 are the Campaign missions you chose (if you only played 1 mission to mod, then it will most likely be cache000) and Cache002 is just the UI (main menu, it can also be modded too) and Cache003, 004 and 005 are your Multiplayer maps, again, if you didn't choose 3 maps to mod and only chose 1 map then it will most likely be cache003 and if you chose 2 then it will be cache003 and 004 (You get the idea).

    6. Now, extract your cache files to wherever and open them up in any Halo PC mod tool, im going to be using Halo Map Tools, you can also skin and open it in Spark edit and build and whatnot. Now, once you have done all the modding you want, close your modding tool and import them back into your hard drive and replace the cache files in it and tada! NO resigning or anything needed.

    7. Plug Hard Drive back into Xbox and load up Halo 1 and go play your maps or missions you just modded!

    NOTE: What sucks is, this only works when you clear your hard drive's system cache, and that means when you try to play a normal 360 game on Live, it will make you update it in order to play the game online and when you do, that will reset the Halo 1 maps and erase the mods. But other than that, you can turn off your xbox and do whatever and the mod(s) will still be there. So you might want to backup your mods on your computer if you play online and want to keep them.

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    Re: How to mod Halo 1 on a retail xbox 360

    thanks this is awesome. i wonder if its gonna work with my halo 2 game save :]



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