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Hey everybody just wondering?
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    Hey everybody just wondering?

    Hey guys i just wanted to know about arcade games for example i have live and my own xbox but my dad has a old xbox with no live aka offline play
    What i am wondering is because my dad is offline and i told him he can get ms pacman :) , astroids and space invaders on mine.
    Is there anyway for me to buy them on my xbox then transfer them to his so he can play the arcade games without actually letting him use my xbox to play because if that was the case i would never get my xbox back :P
    Thank u if anybody helps :)

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    Re: Hey everybody just wondering?

    Just a question. Can it connect to live? As i beleive(not 100% sure as not tried live yet) but there is free content on live that can be downloaded without a membership. Some of what you've mentioned might already be there or will be there when its no longer new.

    As i said, i'm new to xbl myself and might be telling you a pack of cack!

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    Re: Hey everybody just wondering?

    thats a good question, i would really like to know the answer if anyone knows

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    Re: Hey everybody just wondering?

    It should work as long as your profile is on the console as well.
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