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's protagonist won't be helping Granny cross the street or rescuing any kittens stuck in trees -- well, okay, maybe there's some kind of holo-tree mission, we don't know.
The point is that you won't be playing the classic hero in EA's reboot. He's a bad dude there to do bad things.

"You're certainly not playing a good guy," producer Ben O'Donnell told Videogamer. "You follow him in the narrative, and that narrative will obviously unfold in different ways. When you first start you're playing as this agent working for EuroCorp, and you do their wet work for them. You have this really high-end chip in your head, and you can do things to people that they really wouldn't want to do -- like commit suicide or change allegiance. You're by no means a good guy, you're there to do the dirty work."

However, if you're expecting the main character to have some great moral epiphany or change of heart, don't. This isn't a game about "good and evil," O'Donnell promises. Sounds fine to us, especially since we just got one of those.