it has finally been released... its just under 600mb's. and, what ever you do. DO NOT try the 3d option. it will degrade the graphics alot. it will make the game like it has ps2 graphics. but, it does give the game more depth to it though.

DLC1 Exploration Pack Still Coming!

Hey everyone! First things first, we want to confirm that the DLC1 Exploration Pack is absolutely still coming! Many apologies for it taking so long but we want to ensure you guys will get a great product. The team up at Eden is working around the clock and still 100% committed to continuing to support the game and the community with ongoing bug fixes, more DLC and continued maintenance of the online services to give you guys the best possible experience online in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Just to reiterate here is what is confirmed in the DLC1 Exploration pack:

FREE DLC: Exploration Pack
20 new missions including 2 all-new mission types: Extreme Convoy and Timed Convoy.
20 new wrecks to find which give you access to 2 new exclusive cars:
Lancia Stratos version Rallye
Dodge Charger 1969
3 additional Discovery levels
2 new Multiplayer Races for the Lancia Stratos
DLC: Help channel in TDU media
3D display mode (PS3/PC)
Motorcycle dealer, Auction hall, and new clothing shops are "under construction" – users can visit location, but they are not yet open for business.

Players are now able to sell reward cars they have earned in dealerships
Roads are now marked as “explored” for areas visited when riding as a passenger
Rewards increased for multiplayer challenges
Car class restriction added to multiplayer ranked challenges
Player name display updated in free ride for improved clarity
PC Only: Players may now edit password details on profiles
PC Only: Chat text Colors and positioning adjusted for PC users

Bug fixes
Instant challenge routes will adjust based on players vehicle types (i.e. dirt roads vs asphalt)
Adjusted impact sound after certain jumps
Casino roulette exploits removed
Casino Level 10 cut scene updated
Club Challenges updated to allow players to race with the club cars
IP Voice menu management on PS3 (ables the player to turn off IP Voice)
Fixed a map bug that would display online players swimming far into the Mediterranean.