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Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon
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    Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    Hello I've seen a lot of people that have modded weapons and they say 360haven com

    As the name.. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to give me some modded stuff :)

    I play it on XBLA.

    Thanks !

    EDIT: My GT is Pohzessed v2

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    I trade, but only for very rare legit items... If you are interested message me on Xbox.
    Gamertag - iiK3nny
    I will give out weapons for free now (Modded)
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    The K

    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    this gamesave is on modio just search dungeon defenders on modio you will see the save
    Also i could drop some for you for any 4 pairs of boots (need base boots to mod)
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    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    Hey is it possible any one could give me like modded aromor or weapon? i would really like it i you could :) please contact me on my Xbox360 Gamertag: paulthepieman

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    That save that was posted on Modio that had the weapons named "360Haven com" was my save I posted. The characters names on it were IdleHands88 :P I made it because I want this game destroyed with modded weapons because some noob said that he got his entire clan (500+ members) to file a complaint on my GT because I was giving out Blasticus's that had 10 more damage than what was legit.

    So I told him that I was now going to be giving out fully modded items and that I was going to be destroying the game. He didn't believe me lol. Now look at the game, EVERYONE has my modded items ;)
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    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    If anyone actually would be kind enough to give me a modded staff as well. im always online, GT is Z3tla. hit me up please!

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    The K

    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    good job haha actually thanks to that save you put up I learned some more about hex editing cuz i wanted boots to match everything else :P

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    A Picachu

    Re: Dungeon Defenders Modded Weapon

    trying to learn to mod weapons and armor myself and i'm wondering what program i use to pull my save data from my memory device.


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