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As expected, the new update to, featuring the new Beacons functionality to mark certain games you'd like to play with friends, has gone live and is now available to anyone with an Xbox Live account.
The update looks clean and purty, and features not only those Beacons, but revamped friends and messaging functionality, and a nice quick interface for browsing through games and achievements.

And there's something else new on the page: The option, as seen above, to cancel your autorenewal subscription right there on the site. Previously, doing so was more of a pain, and you had to leave the site to go to and do it, but now you can click through to your account and change any subscription settings right through

A note of warning, however: Microsoft will put a few special deals in front of you as you click through, including a discount on the subscription designed to keep you around. But that's understandable -- someone's got to pay for the design money that went into this update. And speaking of update, where's that console dashboard update we were promised? Soon.