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[RELEASE] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.4.0.0
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    [RELEASE] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.4.0.0

    How to :

    1. open up your savegame (con file, no extraction)
    2. make changes and hit save.
    3. transfer back to your MU, and enjoy.

    if Infinite Health / sprint does not work, try upgrading your health recovery and sprint duration (only the first upgrades ), and use the tool again.

    Special Thanks To Fairchild For his Security Fix.
    Special Thanks to FeudalNate for PackageIO

    V Changelog :

    * Added Respect , your able to mod your respect to max 50 ( but is probebly too high )
    olso keep in mind , you wont be able to unlock all skill by just maxing your respect, you need to reach the required level by EARNING the Respect Points.

    * optimized the code and fixed a bug.

    * Added Max respect to 39... this will level you up to 39 and fill the respect bar, you only need to earn 10 points to level up.

    this can be made for every level, but requires to be set for each level accordingly.

    V1.3.0.0 ChangeLog

    * Added difficulty
    * Added Wepons/infinite ammo , Thanks to XB36Hazard for the weapon research.
    * Added instant level up, this will let you level up directly after getting respect points.
    * Few Minor changes.

    V1.4.0.0 ChangeLog
    * Fixed bug with Health

    Enjoy, and dont forget to leave your comment / report bugs.

    \Saints Row The Third
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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    this looks pretty good, i look forward to the more options later, awesome work as always Jappi :)
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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    Good Job Bro..

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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    the best editor maker does it again..thank u

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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    u da man, jappi....u da man

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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    Fantastic job jappi88. I hope to see an AC:Revelations soon.

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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    Excellent work jappi. Can't wait to get the game.
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    Re: [ RELEASE ] Saints Row The Third - SE V1.0.0.0

    You never fail to amuse the community here and for that i really do appreciate all your work jappi keep up your excellent work


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