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I will mod your gold [Skyrim]
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    I will mod your gold [Skyrim]

    Hi! I'm H4TD, I'm decently new here as you can see this is my first post. i was browsing trying to find a good skyrim save when i came across a post discussing how to mod the gold. a few pages in i seen this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_BW5...ayer_embedded#! . and decided ''you know what, I'l mod it my self!!' and so i did, it was easy as hell. and now i know how to and i want to either help you or do it for you



    #1100+ gold

    #Barrel to put it in

    #A usb/Hard drive cord

    #Horizon/modio/360tools/any save file extractor

    #Megaupload/mediafire/any hosting site

    #a link to your save

    ----How to give me your save----

    1: put about 1100 or more into a barrel ( there are 2 in river-wood beside the blacksmith) (MAKE SURE BARREL IS COMPLETELY EMPTY)
    2:save game
    3:put save onto usb. move onto desktop via Modio/Horizon
    4: use either medeafire/megaupload/etc to get a link for the save. (you may need to put it into a folder idk?)
    5: post link below with details on the amount of gold you had put in the barrel (NOT THE AMOUNT IN YOUR INVENTORY)

    Im literally hours new to this so i might mess up, please make sure you have a backup and patience

    Thank you!! :)

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    Re: I will mod your gold [Skyrim]

    Hey man I sent you a message.



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