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Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...
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    Fire Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...

    Ok so i'm pissed to the 10th degree right now cause i've just gone to the 4th level of vampirism and everywhere i go i get attacked on sight. If anyone knows can you please tell me how to get the cure to vampirism cause i'm about ready to just kill everyone in the game. Also i didn't even choose to be a vampire i just got cursed randomly from a vampire when i was just havin a nice walk in the woods. I mean randomly get shot with a red spell and bamb! your a vampire. But if you know how to get the cure please help me.
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    Re: Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...


    theres this way or you can become a werewolf that cures vampirism

    hope this helps

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    Re: Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...

    Vampire i hate it - its what put me off oblivion just couldnt get rid it it

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    Re: Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...

    I'm a werewolf so.. :D

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    Re: Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...

    I got this off of gamefaqs board. Here it is.

    Make your way to Falkreath . Once there, speak to Valga Vinicia at the Dead Man's Drink and ask about any rumors going around. She will tell you that Falion in Morthal studies vampires. Speak to him and he will tell you that, in order to perform the ritual, a black soul gem must be filled. To get the black soul gem you need to speak to Falion again and he will offer to sell it to you. To fill it, cast a Soul Trap spell on a human target and proceed to kill them. the Soul Trap spellbook can be bought at the jarl's mage in Dragonsreach, but any mage shop will sell it. Once done, speak to Falion. He will ask you to meet him at dawn, not far from his house. Once there, he will perform the ritual and you will be cured of vampirism. Be sure you are not in the final stage, if you are they will recognize you as a vampire and try to kill you, feed yourself before you go there. If Valga Vinicia doesn't activate the quest wait until you become a vampire, any inn keeper will provide the same dialouge once you ask for rumors.

    While wondering around near Ivanstead, you may also meet the a women called the Vigilant of Stendarr, who will cure you of all diseases, lycanthropy

    Activating the Shrine of Talos in Malkreth will cure all diseases.

    Here is the link they got it from for more info: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Vampires

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    Re: Skyrim Vampirism How to cure...

    suck blood to reduce your level!

    the people won't attack u on level 1or 2.



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