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Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer
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    Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer


    Saints Row 3 [5451086D] +3 Trainer

    Saints Row 3 [5451086D] +3 Trainer
    Created by: TEAMXPG

    Trainer Features:
    Unlimited Ammo
    Unlimited Clip Size
    Unlimited Grenades

    Xbox 360 JTagged console
    Freeboot 0.3x with dashlaunch installed
    Saints Row 3 extracted on your HDD

    This has been tested with Xbox 360 Xenon, kernel 13599 (installed via FbBuild 0.32), dashlaunch 2.23b console. With the game on external HDD and booted through Freestyle Dash v2.0's file manager.


    Best results if you enable cheats before starting your game!

    Once you change out your weapons at anytime, you will loose your unlimited clip for that gun. You would need to save and restart your xbox.


    How to use:
    1) Open up 5451086D.txt (came with the .rar)
    2) Enable and disable which cheats you want on and off by removing the "#" next to the line with the numbers (along the address).

    #Total Ammo Most Guns
    #Missing 2 Guns for Now!
    #2 DF0E8110 0000FFFF
    #2 DF0E80F0 0000FFFF
    #2 DF0E8100 0000FFFF
    #2 DF0E80E0 0000FFFF

    ^ This above means this cheat is disabled.


    #Total Ammo Most Guns
    #Missing 2 Guns for Now!
    2 DF0E8110 0000FFFF
    2 DF0E80F0 0000FFFF
    2 DF0E8100 0000FFFF
    2 DF0E80E0 0000FFFF

    ^ This above means this cheat is enabled.

    3) Save once you are done your changes and FTP all 3 files (xppdll.xex, SR3Trainer.xex, and 5451086D.txt) to where your Saints Row 3 folder is on your HDD (e.g Hdd1:/Games/TES5)
    4) Using whichever method (file manager) launch SR3Trainer.xex
    5) Give it a couple seconds and game will load, boot up a game or save
    6) Press the right analog thumbstick in, you will get a confirmation message/popup saying "Cheats Enabled"
    8) Enjoy

    IF launching the trainer you are booted back to the dashboard try the following:
    1) Reinstall dashlaunch (2.23b recommended)
    Still not working then,
    2) put the xppdll.xex on the root of your 360 HDD (Hdd1:\) and edit your launch.ini file to include the following line:

    [Plugins] plugin1 = Hdd:\xppdll.xex

    So you should have something that looks like this:

    Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle2\default.xex

    plugin1 = Hdd:\xppdll.xex

    contpatch = false
    pingpatch = true
    nxemini = false
    fatalfreeze = true
    regionspoof = false
    xblaexitdash = false
    dvdexitdash = false
    nosysexit = false
    debugout = false
    livestrong = true

    Special thanks to:
    extra2000 for XPowerPlay
    Dwack for his peek/poke code
    T3CH for teaching me how to make trainers

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    anything for unlimited health? thanks for the trainer btw

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    Thanks a ton mate....had been looking for it! :)

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    great job Mike, nice one, anyway to add Health lol ? was using Jappi88 which is cool also, Health update would be kick ass and sprint.

    Using ur Trainer now.

    Good job dude.

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    Quote Originally Posted by diamond1955 View Post
    great job Mike, nice one, anyway to add Health lol ? was using Jappi88 which is cool also, Health update would be kick ass and sprint.

    Using ur Trainer now.

    Good job dude.
    Yea cant forget about respect lol Thanks for the Trainer

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    lmao didnt know u could mod saints row 3

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    can there be a reup of this please? to a different filesharing site? thanks

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    Re: Saints Row 3 +3 Trainer

    ReUpp plz.........


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