Hey guys, im big into "Empires And Allies" on facebook , Sadly lots of cool stuff costs "Empire Points" , Which costs Cash or FaceBook Credits
im trying to promote this website

Its a search engine and you slowly earn facebook credits, Your garanteed 2 FB Credits Every 2 Months if you use every day.
But you also earn coins randomly for searches which u spend on your FB Credits, Its not something thats going to make you rich, But you mayswel use it instead of google and Build up some facebook credits.

Like i said your garanteed enough coins to buy 2 FB Credits every 2 Months.
but you get big payouts too, you could get anything between 1 - 50 FB Credits a month, and you dont have to do anything other than search using the website.

I get some Coins the fist time you win coins ( If u goto the website by clicking my banner ) and then win some coins through a search.
You can promote the website too and earn extra coins the same way..

NOW , im telling you this for FREE, i earn nothing from this next bit, And you can get some Pretty Megga FB Credits for free
You need a Android Phone or a IPhone.
On your device goto https://m.appdog.com

You get "Bones" Which u spend on FB Credits for downloading apps, and theres a fair amount of free apps.
i have only been using it 2 days, and littraly only downloading free apps , opening them and then deleting them. it earnt me 40 FB Credits in just 1 day, Although ive pretty much exausted the free apps on the website now lol. 40 FB Credits is equivilent of (4 Pounds/6.43 USD) of credit. For free in a day!