Hey 360 Haven members, so some of you may be wondering on how to mod original GTA IV, not GTA: EFLC/TBoGT/TLaD, the original GTA IV

Things you will need

1. You will need a copy of the Original GTA IV

2. You will of course need an 8.5 GB Double Layer/ Dual Layer disc (Memorex or Verbatim it doesn't matter)

Once you have purchased the discs you will need these files

abgx360 (Not needed but recommended) - abgx360.net/download.php

[US + NTSC REGIONS] Xbox 360 GTA IV Original ISO File (Must use with JDownloader) - megaupload.com/?d=WYU5BPLW

[PAL] Xbox 360 GTA IV Original ISO File (Must use with JDownloader) - megaupload.com/?d=95NLR4MQ

JDownloader - mediafire.com/?m2zdilmnnim

ImgBurn - imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

Xbox Backup Creator - filestube.com/31d29aedf27a671503e9/go.html

GTA IV Mod Packs

GTA IV (Original) Mod Pack v1.0 - megaupload.com/?d=34ZQISEX

GTA IV (Original) Mod Pack v1.1 - megaupload.com/?d=664DNIMK

GTA IV (Original) Mod Pack v1.15 - multiupload.com/POA24V0FKN

GTA IV (Original) deadly fishes x's Mod Pack (with car color spawns) - megaupload.com/?d=KJV55QXR

GTA IV (Original) Duck's v1.3 Mod Pack (with car color spawns) - megaupload.com/?d=FTOQHHOB

GTA IV Fun Mods

GTA IV (Original) Duck's Camouflage Weapons Pack - megaupload.com/?d=1OJKOGXO

GTA IV (Original) Golden Weapons Pack - mediafire.com/?kxz16ea3pc35a8l

GTA IV (Original) Animation Mod - megaupload.com/?d=MTVLDIF2

GTA IV Custom Vehicle Placements

GTA IV (Original) CASINO's Car Color Vehicle Placement - megaupload.com/?d=11L2CHZY

How to Mod it:

ISO Downloading Tutorial
(for PAL and NTSC regions)

Step 1. What you need to do is download JDownloader required for the ISO file.

Step 2. Download the ISO file located above, when you download it, it should be named "MUGRTAF.dlc" for the NTSC regional ISO file or it will be named "GTA IV.dlc" for the PAL regional ISO file in JDownloader.

Step 3.
When you see it in JDownloader click "Continue with all Links."

Step 4. Triple click the file that opens up in the "MUGRTAF.dlc" folder and it should show 65 "NUGRTAF.dlc (it will begin with an N at this point, not a spelling error)" files and yes it will take a while. For the PAL regional ISO file, you will do the exact same, you will triple click or click "Continue with all Links" and it should open up 7 parts for the ISO file, and it will take just as long as the NTSC regional ISO file will to download.

Step 5. When ever all 65 parts (NTSC) or all 7 parts (PAL) of the ISO are done downloading you will then click on your downloads document and it will show all 65 parts of MUGRTAF.dlc (NTSC) or all 7 parts of GTA IV.dlc (PAL) and you highlight all of them and extract them into a folder on your desktop, but it will ask you for the password to use the MUGRTAF.dlc files for extraction. The password is www.xbox360iso.com.

Step 6.
When the extraction of all 65 parts (NTSC) or all 7 parts (PAL) to a folder on your desktop is complete, it should convert into one ISO file and one .dvd/image file file. At this point you open the ISO file in Xbox Backup Creator's Image Browser Program and replace the files with the modded files in the mod pack.