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Skyrim: Stealth kills not working
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    Skyrim: Stealth kills not working

    is anyone having this problem, see i can sneak into someones house and there be just that one person sleeping, i sneak and it even says no one can see me, i kill said person and right when they die i get a 1000 gold bounty, same thing happens when i reverse pickpocket a poison to them, only thing i can guess is that when i edited my save to duplicate some items that it glitched the game

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    Re: Skyrim: Stealth kills not working

    Not exactly sure, I believe it works for me. (with a dagger)

    However there are TWO 2-handed katana's called Ebony Blades
    1. Siphons the health/energy from your opponent with each strike
    2. An enemy attacked with this blade will not be considered Assault (So basically they won't run and tell anyone that you tried to kill them).

    Both have came in handy for me :)
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    Re: Skyrim: Stealth kills not working

    Try with another weapon maybe, preferably a dagger (best for sneak attacks due to 15x damage base minimum once the perk is unlocked). I haven't had any problem so far though I only use a dagger (Blade of Woe). Are you also killing an someone significant like an official of the legion or something, I noticed I got a bounty when I had a fight with one of them by himself so it could also be the case
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    Re: Skyrim: Stealth kills not working

    well the people i killed were contracts for the dark brotherhood, i even had a poison that paralyzed and did 148 damage, so they die as they are paralyzed but still i get the bounty and every guard in the town knows i did it, maybe just a bug in the game as i created a new non-hacked game and still it would automatically notified the guards when i killed someone even tho it was in an empty house midnight, just weird how its instant like even if someone did see somehow they would not be able to get to guard that quick, and even if it is the slight grunt they say when they die the guard should still investigate it first before magically knowing i did it



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