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That man above is actor Ned Luke, whose Internet Movie Database page now lists him as playing a character named Alberto De Silva, whom fans believe is the gravelly-voiced lead in the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5.
The connection was also mentioned in a tweet by an actor named Jimmy Taenaka, who says his friend Luke is "the lead voice and profile" in the new Rockstar game. You can also watch Luke's demo reel on IMDb, and while we're not experts in bioacoustics, he certainly looks and sounds like our guy.

Rockstar hasn't yet confirmed the voice or portrayal, and while a Twitter account attributed to Luke appeared for a short time (probably a hoax), it's since been deleted completely. It's not clear why all the secrecy, however; if Luke is our guy, he seems like a fine choice for a Dad looking to make good on a life of crime.