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[SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold
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    Sweat [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Correct me if I'm doing something wrong, it's only working sometimes for me and I can't figure out why... It works sometimes, other times it just never loads, and sometimes it gives me a dirty disc error message. I'd really like to figure this out so I can progress with my modding. If anyone has any ideas or can help in any way possible please feel free to reply and I'll reply back.

    - Putting 1050 gold into a barrell and saving the game.
    - I'm opening the gamesave using modio and extracting the savegame.dat file to my desktop.
    - I'm opening the savegame.dat file with Hex Workshop.
    - I'm setting the settings to 32 bit signed long, value 1050, little endian and direction down.
    - The gold save should be the first one it finds, because my save is still fairly new.
    - I'm changing the 1A040000 to A0860100 because I want 100,000 gold.
    - I save the new savegame.dat file over top of the old one, and replace it in modio.
    - I rehash and resign the gamesave and inject it back onto my hard-drive and put it back into my x-box 360.
    - I load the gamesave that I just modded.

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Are you making sure the box for "find all instances" is not clicked, then you'll get that line first. Also, I'm not sure if it works to change to a specific number of gold other than doing "ff ff ff"

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Yes, the find all instances box is not checked. It does work sometimes for me using the 100,000 hex conversion, but not always. I'm hoping to shed some light on this, it's so annoying because I've forgot to make a backup a few times and lost everything when the gamesave was corrupted.

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Sometimes I get the dirty disk error too

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Also make sure it has 40 00 0F right before the amount of gold you have. like for example it should find this 40 00 0F 04 1A 00 00
    In red is the amount of gold you added into the barrel/chest (041A is 1050 in hex) so then just change that to 40 00 0F 01 86 A0 00

    Save and inject the Savegame.dat back into the main Skyrim save file then rehash/resign then go back to the chest/barrel and check if it worked

    If its not going to the amount that you want (100,000) thats cause the hex value is 186A0 but if you put that where the gold is it will read it as 6,250 in Decimal which you will then only get 6,250 instead of 100,000 like you want.

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    You are doing everything right so I would try to put more gold into the barrel (2500+) and don't forget to move away from the barrel in-game before you save.

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    Re: [SKYRIM] Trouble Modding Gold

    Sounds like you're doing everything right. Perhaps just use the CON file? I never extracted the savegame.dat and modded, I just went right from the CON file. Also, there's no need to any of the flipping you need to do with item swapping, it doesn't flip the gold for some reason (didn't for me anyways)



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