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Skyrim - how possible is one shot kill?
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    Skyrim - how possible is one shot kill?

    Seems guys that have the PC version can mod their weapons to do crazy damage by removing some perks and replacing it with another perk.

    This is his post about the subject:


    player.addperk 00101076 (extra damage 6)

    I delved a bit deeper in this "damage" thing

    just adding that perk like i did at first didnt help much
    But what helped getting those damages is this.

    Open console
    type help "extra damage" 4 with quotes
    you will see PERK extra damage , PERK extra damage 2 , 3 4 5 6 etc.
    Make a note of those id's.

    Now to what i did.
    I started with player.addperk "id of extra damage"
    I checked weapon stat
    Then i did player.addperk "id of extra damage 2"
    I checked weapon stat ( it should be a higher damage shown on weapon, and in the area under that window you also see damage, which will dramatically change).

    I did player.addperk "id of extra damage 3"
    I checked weapon stat ( it should be now a lot more damage shown).
    I added up to player.addperk "extra damage 6"
    With other words extra damage, extra damage 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in that order.

    So whats important that you start with player.addperk "extra damage" as first

    Then do the other addperks.

    The fact that you wont see those high damages in the big weapon stat window is, because i think 999 damage shown there is max,
    it wont show any higher then that there, but in the area where damage is shown under that window you will see the increased damage is above 999 max.

    to remove those perk id's and perks of which you made a note earlier, just use player.removeperk "id of extra damages"
    Which should put weapon damages again to what they were

    All and all playing around with those perks, should give insight in what works best for everyone.

    happy skyrim

    Anyone know if its possible to do on the xbox version?

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    Re: Skyrim - how possible is one shot kill?

    you can make your weps 1 shot anything in the game without modding.... you just need to use your head and exploit the games crafting features. its been a very long time since ive done this but basically all you do is make a crafting potion and enchanting. craft and enchant a set of gear with strictly only crafting bonus. equip the gear then rinse and repeat tell your gear and potions add crazy damage.

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    Re: Skyrim - how possible is one shot kill?

    making 1 shot weapons on Skyrim is one of the easiest glitches ever to perform "personally i think Bethesda added it on purpose to make the game funner" all you do is loop restoration potions using enchanted alchemy items then once you got an enchanting potion of about 9000 or higher you use that potion to enchant an item with fortify smithing and there ya go, any weapon you smith while wearing that enchanted smithing item will turn it into a 1 hit kill weapon.

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    Re: Skyrim - how possible is one shot kill?

    really old dead thread guys the op was posted in 2011 !!!!!!
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