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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Holy Jesus! Yes! thank you japps! :D youre awesome!

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Thank you so much for the new editor !
    It's a gift from heaven for those of us who keep fail to hex edit the save ourself !

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Quote Originally Posted by Jappi88 View Post
    no.. lol , its not normal... with my notebook it takes 40 secs or less.
    maybe you have too much thing running on your pc, or time to buy a new one :P

    wait till you hit save... :P , it may take a lot longer , or if your lucky just a few secs.
    i think you right
    the scan took me 2 minutes but there is few program thats run in the background
    the save option took also 2-3 mintues
    my notebook is inspiron 1520 from 2007 and i upgrade its ram to 4 GB
    maybe i'll buy a new one soon
    ps: if wanna add item all i have is to change the empty item to anything ? and it will sorted in it place in the game ?

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! This was definitely worth the wait. No more grinding! :D

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Thank you very much for this editor! But I have a problem, I opened the program, loaded my save then it told me to choose a slot, so I chose USER_DATA I then loaded up my items and added some to my inventory. I put the save back in my harddrive but when I load my game on Dark Souls, I don't have any items added in my inventory. Here's a link to my save : http://www.mediafire.com/?twntyu4sbkx4uhb

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Almost the same problem as hero, I added the crystal ring shield to an empty slot but when I loaded the game the shield image doesn't show up but the shield is there and is not letting me equip it.

    Any idea why Japp?
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    did u forgot to put an exe? cause when i try to open it , it ask what to open with?
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Yeah it doesn't seem to be working for me :( I added me a black knight sword and a silver knight armour and all I got was a long sword+5 :| and yes I followed all your steps ^.^

    Edit: yeah sorry the long sword was actually mine :P so that means it didn't work for me at all <(^.^'<) will be keeping an eye here see if the problem is solved •(T.T•)
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