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While it's been a rocky start for Activision's Call of Duty Elite service, it would appear that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.
Speaking with G4, Activision's VP of production, Daniel Suarez, said that the current goal is to have Elite online for everyone by December 1.

"They kind of have to bear with us while we bring this all back up, but for us it's literally 'Give us those couple weeks, we're giving those to you for free and come December 1 the goal is that we'll have everything up and running,'" Suarez said. Activision's previous effort to quell concerns of subscribers included a free extra month of subscription to the service, while Beachhead currently works to get Elite, well, working. And while Beachhead monitored the beta for months, admittedly it couldn't foresee just how many users would sign up.

But hey, we finally have some kind of promised timeline for full functionality. Let's just hope Beachhead and Activision can honor that promise.