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Skyrim and mages
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    Skyrim and mages

    So after a lot of trial and error, it seems the only way you can play a pure mage with crazy power is to mod your game and leave yourself at level 1. Even on adept and expert, you're actually able to kill things in 1 to 2 hits of say, incinerate or thunderbolt. That's versus something like 10+ hits of the same spell when you're level 50+ on the same enemies on expert or master level. It does seem as though you get punished as a pure mage/destruction if you level to high. Maybe others have had better luck at running a pure mage without having to spend 2 minutes killing things. Now, when I mean pure mage, I'm talking about not using companions or summons. Seems odd that this game, with master level spells you can't just go toe to toe without it taking you ages and using all your mana. Even if you glitch your mana to be never-ending, you're still taking forever to kill something with a great spell like incinerate. So please posts some ideas on how, if possible, other ways to run a pure mage. I've not seen any console commands to up damage and as far as I know, there are no enchants to up destruction spell damage either.

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    Re: Skyrim and mages

    Dual wield maybe? oh and the perks that boost damage output. I will admit damage on most magic is so-so (granted I mainly keep to low level dps spells) but they made it so you can enhance you magic with the right setup
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    Re: Skyrim and mages

    I agree. It's actually strange to see a fantasy game where the mage isn't practically a glass warhead. In almost all fantasy games I've played, the mage is typically the main damage dealer.

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    Re: Skyrim and mages

    well one thing you could do which i found out is (after i decided to stray from the mage path as weapons was just doing far more damage) , is that if you have good enough enchanting make an armour set that makes destruction spells cost nothing, Then raise you Alchemy skill high enough to make a decent enough destruction potion which increases damage of destruction spells for a set time, I'm surprised no one noticed this to be honest, oh and if you wanted to be a haxor pure mage you could always do the Enchantment/alchemy exploit
    hope this helped you and anyone that reads this :)
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    Re: Skyrim and mages

    I never realized that there's a potion that ups destruction damage. I'm going to have to look that up. Yeah, even dual casting fireball, it still takes quite a bit to kill anyone once you're 40+, which truly makes no sense to me. Perhaps it'll be fixed in this upcoming patch. Even doing 185 dmg is very low compared to a bow or even daggers on a backstab. I would think that if you were to blast someone with dual fireballs, it should do more damage then say a regular sword thrust.



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