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Skyrim Race Mod (how to fix missing head bug)
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    Vincent Valentine

    Skyrim Race Mod (how to fix missing head bug)

    Found this on Bethesda's forum site and credits go to Belazor

    I found a way to work around this issue, but it is a bit of a pain... I'll post the steps here for anyone who is interested (feel free to re-post these steps to the gaming site / forum of your choice, no attribution necessary but it would be appreciated

    I do not know if this will disable Steam achievements! I have not had a chance to test it, so don't flame me if it does (if anyone wants to test it with a save they have right before they got an achievement, that'd be cool).

    • Make a new save in a separate slot
    • Write down how many points you put into Magicka, Health, Stamina
    • Write down the skill points you have in all your skills (even the ones you haven't even touched)
    • Change back to your original race via player.SetRace
    • Enter ShowRaceMenu to get to the race menu
    • Pick your new race and the looks as needed, name your character, hit OK
    • Overwrite the duplicate save you created before doing this
    • Quit to main menu
    • Load the save you just overwrote
    • Walk / sprint and stop again and you'll see your arms are no longer crossed
    • If you want to avoid "cheating":

      Find a perk you own and want to temporarily remove by doing help "perkname" 4 and write down the hex code it finds (calling it perkhex)
    • player.removeperk perkhex
    • Spend your "free point" back into that perk
    • player.setlevel X where X is the level you were before you started doing this

      Commands assume X is the number of points you increased skills by (1 time levelled = 10 points):
    • player.modav magicka X
    • player.modav health X
    • player.modav stamina X

      Commands assume X is the value you wrote down for your skill levels
    • player.setav skill alchemy X
    • player.setav skill alteration X
    • player.setav skill marksman X
    • player.setav skill block X
    • player.setav skill conjuration X
    • player.setav skill destruction X
    • player.setav skill enchanting X
    • player.setav skill heavyarmor X
    • player.setav skill illusion X
    • player.setav skill lightarmor X
    • player.setav skill lockpicking X
    • player.setav skill onehanded X
    • player.setav skill pickpocket X
    • player.setav skill restoration X
    • player.setav skill smithing X
    • player.setav skill sneak X
    • player.setav skill speechcraft X
    • player.setav skill twohanded X

    And there you have it. I have confirmed that closing the game or just quitting to the main menu will preserve your head mesh. I suspect you can now also use ShowRaceMenu to change everything except Race / Sex / Preset if you want to customise your new race further.

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