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Blood on the Ice won't start [SKYRIM]
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    Blood on the Ice won't start [SKYRIM]

    I've been hearing rumours of murders in Windhelm and i got curious so i questioned everyone in town to no avail, i did a quick Google search, and found out it's the quest blood on the ice to buy the house in that town, which is apparently one of the best houses to own.. well, I've entered and left Windhelm several times, I've done the dark brotherhood quests (some say that will cause you to kill an important npc) but every npc involved in the quest is still alive and after looking back on finished quests no targets for the DB quests were even in Windhelm for me. also, the woman Susanna the wicked (the lady that gets murdered in the graveyard) never leaves the in but earlier in the game some hired thugs tried to kill me and had a contract from her wanting me dead/roughed-up, so i was wondering if anyone knows if that has an impact on the quest, and how can i get this darn quest to work :S

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    Re: Blood on the Ice won't start [SKYRIM]

    if its to buy a house, you have to do several missions in that town until you can obtain the right to purchase property. just go to the Jarl or the housecarl and ask for work.

    hope that sort of helps
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    Re: Blood on the Ice won't start [SKYRIM]

    I was having the exact same problem as you. I had to proceed further in the Civil War quest line before I could get Blood on the Ice to trigger. Hope that helps. If not, just say and I'll load an old save and look around.



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