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SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch
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    SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch

    My Hele Hommie and Votl Hommie Have been grayed out since i purchaced them, Not Used them once.
    Some F'd Up Glitch. Anyone Know a Fix?

    EDIT: I Havent found a fix, i started a new save and then used a save editor to unlock the hommies you get for ranking up
    and deranked myself. So now i have a save with something like 7-8 Hommies and at level 1 with 1 mission complete

    You may download it here:

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    Re: SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch

    Do you have enough money to call them in? If not that will explain your problem, also if you already have a garaged vehicle out I believe it is also grayed out for that purpose
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    Re: SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch

    Thanks for your Tips, But Yes i have something like 90 Mil , i think the problem is if in Co-Op Someone Calls in some form of transport and then u take
    it over with the RC before they get in it.. Posibly

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    Re: SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch

    it grayed out for me too but went away after i did some activities it came back. I figured time had to pass by in the game like collecting money

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    Re: SR3 - Homie Gray Glitch

    Quote Originally Posted by light View Post
    it grayed out for me too but went away after i did some activities it came back. I figured time had to pass by in the game like collecting money
    Yes, There is a cool down period, For the Vehicle Delivery its only 3 Mins though. ( or if the car is still out or a Co-Op partners deliverd car is still out )
    , Mine was gray for 2 Days, and i did 4 or 5 missions, i just Made that save now with the hommies unlocked and keep making lots of saves from now on, so i dont have to go back too far if it happens again, i think the problem lies in Co-Op, And Posibly to do with the RC Remote



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