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SR3 - Rank 1 +6 Hommies
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    SR3 - Rank 1 +6 Hommies

    My Save messed up with a glitch and i could not call in the Hele Hommie or Car Delivery Hommie, They was constantly gray, so i started a new game.
    used Jappi's save editor to rank to the ranks that unlocks hommies. then ranked back down to 1.

    SO. This is a save with the player at rank 1, only 1 mission complete, infinity ammo, 9999,9999999 Cash
    + The Hommies you unlock for ranking up

    -Vehicle Delivery
    -Police Wanted
    -Gang Wanted

    03X00R01%[email protected]_U9BH02YE1[000JH1.rar = ABOVE
    03X00000#8KM814G5Z1CSG~M02!E1[0008`P.rar = ABOVE + All Property on Island 1 Purchaced, Some Saved outfits and Cars ( Rank 6)


    Rehash And Resign to your User/Console ID



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