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need modded armour in dungeon defenders plzz
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    need modded armour in dungeon defenders plzz

    i need to get some modded gear so wondering if anyone on here could add v3nom420 on live and hook it up lol thx for your time guys see ya online hopefully i will be online tomorrow at 1pm or so its about 2am here now so ya if anyone knows how i am willing to learn how to do it aswell thanks for the help 360haven cummunity

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    Re: need modded armour in dungeon defenders plzz

    If you load up Modio 3.0 and register you can download save files. Some guy on this site posted a save file with crazy modded armor and weapons for each class. I got my 200 / 200 SOLO using 4 controllers with his save file. The weapons alone are just ridiculous but the armor pretty much makes you invincible at 90% damage reduction and crazy HP gains.

    I would suggest not going online with those weapons / armor and if you do, make sure you keep them in your storage box. Only use legit items online other wise you will get kicked out of every game you join and you'll get complaints filed against your account.

    Sometimes with enough complaints filed over the same thing it can get you banned but most of the time it won't do shit...you'll still get kicked outta games if the people you're playing with are dip shits...which is like 95% of the Xbox community.

    It's too complicated to try and mod your own weapons and shit, I've seen it, it's just a hassle...download the save file and put it on a USB and get a friend to transfer the items over to your main account on your HD.

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    Re: need modded armour in dungeon defenders plzz



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