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MW3 - Custom Class / Clan Tag
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    MW3 - Custom Class / Clan Tag

    Colored Custom Class Names:

    1) go to https://elite.callofduty.com/career#...custom-classes
    2) select the custom class and edit the name
    3) use the codes below for the different colors-

    Color Codes: (found on youtube)

    ^1 = Red
    ^2 = Green
    ^3 = Yellow
    ^4 = Blue
    ^5 = Light Blue
    ^6 = Pink
    ^7 = White
    ^0 = Black

    4) save the changes and select "SEND CHANGES TO GAME"
    5) start the game and accept the changes from COD ELITE

    Buttons/Symbols in Clan Tag:

    1) go to Call Sign and Clan Tag
    2) use the codes below for each button/symbol-
    Note) after inputting each code, press start to accept then re-edit for more.
    Important) It is unknown if there are any consequences from using these codes. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    Button Codes: (found on youtube)

    P = Left Stick
    Q = Right Stick
    R = Left Trigger
    S = Right Trigger
    J = Empty clan tag, name shows in space below
    A = A Button
    B = B Button
    C = X Button
    D = Y Button
    T = DPAD Up
    U = DPAD Down
    V = DPAD Left
    W = DPAD Right
    E = Left Bumper
    F = Right Bumper
    N = Start Button
    O = Back Button

    Symbol Codes: (found by myself)

    = "cent"
    = "broken bar"
    = "section"
    = "copyright"
    = "not"
    = "registered"
    = "macron"
    = "plus/minus"
    = "superscript 2"
    = "superscript 3"
    = "subscript >"
    = "three quarter"
    = "superscript 1"
    = " one quarter"
    = "one half"

    If anyone knows of other codes then please post your findings so everyone can enjoy!

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    Re: MW3 - Custom Class / Clan Tag

    Hey look everyone JizzaBeez is still alive! lol



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