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Dark Souls co-op anyone?
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    Dark Souls co-op anyone?

    Seeing how this community is focused on modding aspects of certain games, be it for research or fun; I thought I'd try posting here about this since other sites like gamefaqs etc.. detest anyone that did dragon head glitching or any form of save modding. lol

    Is anyone else that may or may not have modded their Dark Souls save up for some CO-OP play?

    I'm SL 251 Warrior of Sunlight covenant. (i know, probably too high a level.. but I still get invaded alot..)

    Only modding I have done is increased soul amount, increase in level, and maxed certain materials for grinding, but thats the extent. I haven't modded my save in regards to injecting other armor or weapons I don't have.

    Anyhow, my gamertag is H2O FantomexX

    See you online, I wanna kill some bosses. :)

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    Re: Dark Souls co-op anyone?

    is there any help i can get with playing co-op other than just invading and killing someone? i try using the white soapstone but i've never gotten summoned, my connection is fine. I've seen another white soapstone sign before but only once idk what could be the problem, i just can't find anyone or get summoned by anyone.



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