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Skyrim Game save help!
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    Skyrim Game save help!

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could mod my save with ALOT! of magicka, health, stamina, Money, Carry weight, lockpicks?

    http://www.mediafire.com/?8a3uvg05yfgvran When i mean ALOT! i mean over millions :D thanks

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    how much is ALOT? give me a figure for each and i'll do it

    Health: ?
    Magicka: ?
    Stamina: ?


    I can also mod ur regen rate if you would like.

    ok so heres your save it has

    Health: 6000
    Magicka: 4000
    Stamina: 4000

    Gold:its showing as 3009566 but before i added 1million it was on 2999566 so i think its 3billion?

    I also buffed your regen rates for magicka health and stamina. Let me know how it goes.

    Also it MAY NOT WORK if you have updated your game as i have used the pc version which is pre-patch. That said everything loaded fine for me. Good luck.


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    money Re: Skyrim Game save help!


    Awsome dude... think you could do mine for me please.

    If possible add 10 mill coins
    Max all perks and attributes
    infinite carry weight
    speed up stamina and health. magika
    lots of lockpicks

    and a kick ass weapon or somthing. or increased damage for a weapon i dunno IF THATS POSSIBLE shit sorry damn caps.

    Let me know bud and ta :)

    http://www.mediafire.com/?6i1i2xqof2ysuvc save

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    Re: Skyrim Game save help!

    Hey suxers just in work at the mo but I'll try and get round to ur save wen I finish.

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    Re: Skyrim Game save help!

    thanks man :)

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    Re: Skyrim Game save help!

    ok so u want 10million gold, do u want me to just keep adding ton health and stamina etc to find the max? i'll give you all perks. How much is infinate carryweight? i could give you probably like 1million but it messes up the bar at the bottom into smaller txt.

    Wat type of weapon would you like? 1H or 2H? Axe Sword Bow Shield? And are there any particular enchants u want on it? If you've got internet access now check out http://skyrim.mmo-game.eu/enchanting-items-console/ and you can custom make yourself a weapon and just give me the command.

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    Re: Skyrim Game save help!

    checking it out the now

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    Re: Skyrim Game save help!

    Quote Originally Posted by suxers View Post
    checking it out the now
    No that all sounds fine, you can just keep it all within safe limits rather than trying to find the max for carry weight but enough that i wont run out..
    health and stamina and magika can be done to what u think is right...

    ok 1 of} playerenchantobject 139b5 AA155 ACBB6 + 999999 deadric arrows and 100,000 lockpicks

    and 2x items of} playerenchantobject 139b9 4605C 4605A

    for the 3 weapons can they be like 20.000 damage each on ither enchantments or base damage whichever one lets u make crazy damage amounts

    postions: add crazy amounts please but not so that the game will break haha.

    0003EB29 : Fortify Enchanting (AlchFortifyEnchanting)
    00109632 : Fortify Enchanting (EnchRobesFortifyEnchantingConstantSelf)
    0003EB1D : Fortify Smithing (AlchFortifySmithing)
    0007A102 : Fortify Smithing (EnchFortifySmithingConstantSelf)


    000AA145 : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealth02)
        000AA15A : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealth03)
        000AA15B : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealth04)
        000AA15C : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealth05)
        000AA15D : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealth06)
        0010FB91 : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponAbsorbHealthBase)
        0010F222 : Absorb Health (EnchWeaponDraugrMagicAxe)
        000AA158 : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagicka02)
        000AA15E : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagicka03)
        000AA15F : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagicka04)
        000AA160 : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagicka05)
        000AA161 : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagicka06)
        0010FB9D : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponAbsorbMagickaBase)
        0010F223 : Absorb Magicka (EnchWeaponDraugrMagicBow)
        000AA159 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStamina02)
        000AA162 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStamina03)
        000AA163 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStamina04)
        000AA164 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStamina05)
        000AA165 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStamina06)
        0010FB92 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponAbsorbStaminaBase)
        0010F224 : Absorb Stamina (EnchWeaponDraugrMagicSword)
        0010660A : Articulation (DA03ClavicusMaskEnch)
        000F6905 : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation01)
        000F6907 : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation02)
        000F6908 : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation03)
        000F6909 : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation04)
        000F690A : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation05)
        000F690B : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation06)
        000F690C : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulation07)
        0010FB6F : Articulation (EnchArmorArticulationBase)
        000FF15D : Backstab (DBEnchantGloves)
        000ACBB7 : Banish (EnchWeaponBanish04)
        000ACBB8 : Banish (EnchWeaponBanish05)
        000ACBB9 : Banish (EnchWeaponBanish06)
        0010FB93 : Banish (EnchWeaponBanishBase)
        00029B4F : Banish Daedra (StaffEnchBanishDaedra)
        00088503 : Blessing of Akatosh (EnchReligiousAkatosh)
        00088504 : Blessing of Arkay (EnchReligiousArkay)
        00088506 : Blessing of Dibella (EnchReligiousDibella)
        00088501 : Blessing of Julianos (EnchReligiousJulianos)
        00088508 : Blessing of Kynareth (EnchReligiousKynareth)
        00088509 : Blessing of Mara (EnchReligiousMara)
        0008850A : Blessing of Stendarr (EnchReligiousStendarr)
        0008850B : Blessing of Talos (EnchReligiousTalos)
        0008850C : Blessing of Zenithar (EnchReligiousZenithar)
        000F5D31 : Bloodthorn (dunEnchHagsEnd)
        000F23C9 : Boethiah’s Embrace (DA02EnchPoisonCloak)
        00101BDB : Bonus damage (dunClearspringTarnEnchDmg)
        000C5BE2 : Bound Battleaxe FX (BoundBattleaxeEnchantment)
        000C5BE3 : Bound Bow FX (BoundBowEnchantment)
        00069CE7 : Bound Sword FX (BoundSwordEnchantment)
        0010582D : Briarheart Geis (dunLostValleyRedoubtAxeENCH)
        0010C4ED : Briarheart Lifeforce (EnchForswornBriarheartArmor)
        000F8465 : Bromjunaar’s Mystery (EnchDragonPriestMaskWood)
        000E605F : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch01)
        0010A2D2 : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch02)
        0010A2D3 : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch03)
        0010A2D4 : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch04)
        0010A2D5 : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch05)
        0010A2D6 : Burning (TrapDweFlamePillarEnch06)
        000EA53D : Burning (TrapFallingOilLampEnch01)
        000B62E1 : Calm (StaffEnchCalm)
        00029B5C : Chain Lightning (StaffEnchChainLightning)
        000B1E84 : Charm (dunHalldirsCairnHalldirsStaffEnch)
        000F6512 : Collector’s Touch (TGArmorFortifyPickpocketMaster)
        00029B54 : Command Daedra (StaffEnchCommandDaedra)
        000B602E : Conjure Familiar (StaffEnchConjureFamiliar)
        000B62DB : Conjure Flame Atronach (StaffEnchConjureAtronachFlame)
        00029B52 : Conjure Frost Atronach (StaffEnchConjureAtronachFrost)
        00029B57 : Conjure Storm Atronach (StaffEnchConjureAtronachStorm)
        000B602F : Courage (StaffEnchCourage)
        000F8302 : Cursed Ring of Hircine (DA05HircinesRingCursedEnchantment)
        000DD028 : DA10ReanimateEnch (DA10ReanimateEnch)
        000F8460 : Dark Sacrifice (EnchDragonPriestMaskEbony)
        000FEE34 : Dawnbreaker (DA09EncDawnbreaker)
        000F1AC3 : Dragon Damage (MQ203WeaponDragonDamage1)
        000FF9F3 : Dragon Damage (MQ203WeaponDragonDamage2)
        000FF9F4 : Dragon Damage (MQ203WeaponDragonDamage3)
        000FF9F5 : Dragon Damage (MQ203WeaponDragonDamage4)
        000FF9F6 : Dragon Damage (MQ203WeaponDragonDamage5)
        00029B56 : Dread Zombie (StaffEnchDreadZombie)
        000EA28C : Ebony Blade Enchantment (DA08EbonyBladeEnchantment)
        0010FAF0 : Ebony Blade Enchantment (DA08EbonyBladeTraditionalEnchantment)
        0002C594 : Elemental Fury (VoiceEnchElementalFury)
        000F23FA : Elf Slayer (C06BladeOfYsgramorEnchanment)
        00029B58 : Expel Daedra (StaffEnchExpelDaedra)
        00029B67 : Fade Other (StaffEnchFadeOther)
        000FBFF7 : Fear (EnchWeaponFear01)
        0005B466 : Fear (EnchWeaponFear02)
        0005B467 : Fear (EnchWeaponFear03)
        0005B468 : Fear (EnchWeaponFear04)
        0005B469 : Fear (EnchWeaponFear05)
        0005B46A : Fear (EnchWeaponFear06)
        0010FB94 : Fear (EnchWeaponFearBase)
        000B62E0 : Fear (StaffEnchFear)
        000F6510 : Featherlift Pockets (TGArmorFortifyCarryMaster)
        00040003 : Fiery Soul Trap (EnchFierySouls)
        00101BDF : Fire Damage (crAtronachExplosionFireDamage)
        000F77EF : Fire Damage (DragonFireballDamage)
        000F5D17 : Fire Damage (dunEnchTrollsBaneFireDamage)
        00045C2A : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamage02)
        00045C2C : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamage03)
        00045C2D : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamage04)
        00045C30 : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamage05)
        00045C35 : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamage06)
        0010FB95 : Fire Damage (EnchWeaponFireDamageBase)
        0010A26D : Fire Damage (TrapExplosiveGasEnch01)
        000B62DD : Fire Rune (StaffEnchFireRune)
        00029B59 : Fireball (StaffEnchFireball)
        0004C6CB : Firebolt (StaffEnchFirebolt)
        000FBFED : FireDamage (DB10TrapFireTriggerEnch01)
        0010E4AF : FireDamage (dunCGTrapFireTriggerEnch01)
        0004DEDA : Flames (StaffEnchFlames)
        000B7A30 : Foritfy all magic skills (EnchArchmageFortifyAll)
        0008B65B : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy01)
        0008B65D : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy02)
        0008B65E : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy03)
        0008B65F : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy04)
        0008B660 : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy05)
        0008B661 : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemy06)
        0010FB70 : Fortify Alchemy (EnchArmorFortifyAlchemyBase)
        0007A107 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration01)
        000AD49F : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration02)
        000AD4A0 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration03)
        000BE037 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration04)
        000BE038 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration05)
        000BE039 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlteration06)
        0010FB71 : Fortify Alteration (EnchArmorFortifyAlterationBase)
        0010E2FB : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesCollegeAlteration01)
        0010E2FC : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesCollegeAlteration02)
        0010E2FD : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesCollegeAlteration03)
        0010E2FE : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesCollegeAlteration04)
        0010E2FF : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesCollegeAlteration05)
        00104D6D : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration01)
        00104D76 : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration02)
        00104D77 : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration03)
        00104D78 : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration04)
        00104D79 : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration05)
        00104D7A : Fortify Alteration (EnchRobesFortifyAlteration06)
        0010EAD1 : Fortify Alteration & Magicka Regen (EnchRobesAlterationBase)
        0007A113 : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman01)
        000AD46F : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman02)
        000AD470 : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman03)
        000BE00C : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman04)
        000BE00D : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman05)
        000BE00E : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksman06)
        0010FB7E : Fortify Archery (EnchArmorFortifyMarksmanBase)
        0007A119 : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft01)
        000AD47B : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft02)
        000AD47C : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft03)
        000BE01E : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft04)
        000BE01F : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft05)
        000BE020 : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraft06)
        0010FB84 : Fortify Barter (EnchArmorFortifySpeechcraftBase)
        00064929 : Fortify Barter and One-Handed (DBEnchantJester)
        0007A108 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock01)
        000AD4A1 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock02)
        000AD4A2 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock03)
        000BE034 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock04)
        000BE035 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock05)
        000BE036 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlock06)
        0010FB72 : Fortify Block (EnchArmorFortifyBlockBase)
        0007A109 : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry01)
        000AD44C : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry02)
        000AD44D : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry03)
        000AD44E : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry04)
        000AD44F : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry05)
        000AD450 : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarry06)
        0010FB73 : Fortify Carry Weight (EnchArmorFortifyCarryBase)
        0007A10A : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration01)
        000AD453 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration02)
        000AD454 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration03)
        000AD455 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration04)
        000AD456 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration05)
        000AD457 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjuration06)
        0010FB74 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchArmorFortifyConjurationBase)
        0010E300 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesCollegeConjuration01)
        0010E301 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesCollegeConjuration02)
        0010E302 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesCollegeConjuration03)
        0010E303 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesCollegeConjuration04)
        0010E304 : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesCollegeConjuration05)
        00104D6C : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration01)
        00104D7B : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration02)
        00104D7C : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration03)
        00104D7D : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration04)
        00104D7E : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration05)
        00104D7F : Fortify Conjuration (EnchRobesFortifyConjuration06)
        0010EAD2 : Fortify Conjuration & Magicka Regen (EnchRobesConjurationBase)
        00064928 : Fortify Destruction (DBEnchantShroudedRobes)
        0007A10B : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction01)
        000AD458 : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction02)
        000AD459 : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction03)
        000AD45A : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction04)
        000AD45B : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction05)
        000AD45C : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestruction06)
        0010FB75 : Fortify Destruction (EnchArmorFortifyDestructionBase)
        0010E305 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesCollegeDestruction01)
        0010E306 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesCollegeDestruction02)
        0010E307 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesCollegeDestruction03)
        0010E308 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesCollegeDestruction04)
        0010E309 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesCollegeDestruction05)
        00104D6B : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction01)
        00104D80 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction02)
        00104D81 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction03)
        00104D82 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction04)
        00104D83 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction05)
        00104D84 : Fortify Destruction (EnchRobesFortifyDestruction06)
        0010EAD3 : Fortify Destruction & Magicka Regen (EnchRobesDestructionBase)
        0010CF26 : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRate01)
        000AD460 : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRate03)
        0007A10D : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRate04)
        000AD45F : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRate05)
        000AD493 : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRate06)
        0010FB76 : Fortify Healing Rate (EnchArmorFortifyHealRateBase)
        00106FC9 : Fortify Health (dunEnchGauldurAmuletFragmentFolgunthurFortifyHealth)
        00049509 : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth01)
        000AD461 : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth02)
        000AD462 : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth03)
        000BDFFC : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth04)
        000BDFFD : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth05)
        000BDFFE : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealth06)
        0010FB77 : Fortify Health (EnchArmorFortifyHealthBase)
        0007A10E : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor01)
        000AD463 : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor02)
        000AD464 : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor03)
        000BDFFF : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor04)
        000BE000 : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor05)
        000BE001 : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmor06)
        0010FB78 : Fortify Heavy Armor (EnchArmorFortifyHeavyArmorBase)
        00106FCC : Fortify HMS (dunEnchGauldurAmuletFortifyStats)
        0007A10F : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion01)
        000AD465 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion02)
        000AD466 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion03)
        000BE002 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion04)
        000BE003 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion05)
        000BE004 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusion06)
        0010FB79 : Fortify Illusion (EnchArmorFortifyIllusionBase)
        0010E30A : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesCollegeIllusion01)
        0010E315 : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesCollegeIllusion02)
        0010E316 : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesCollegeIllusion03)
        0010E317 : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesCollegeIllusion04)
        0010E318 : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesCollegeIllusion05)
        00104D75 : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion01)
        00104D8A : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion02)
        00104D8B : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion03)
        00104D8C : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion04)
        00104D8D : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion05)
        00104D8E : Fortify Illusion (EnchRobesFortifyIllusion06)
        0010EAD4 : Fortify Illusion & Magicka Regen (EnchRobesIllusionBase)
        0007A110 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor01)
        000AD467 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor02)
        000AD468 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor03)
        000BE005 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor04)
        000BE006 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor05)
        000BE007 : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmor06)
        0010FB7A : Fortify Light Armor (EnchArmorFortifyLightArmorBase)
        0007A111 : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking01)
        000AD469 : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking02)
        000AD46A : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking03)
        000BE008 : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking04)
        000BE009 : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking05)
        000BE00A : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpicking06)
        0010FB7B : Fortify Lockpicking (EnchArmorFortifyLockpickingBase)
        00106FCA : Fortify Magicka (dunEnchGauldurAmuletFragmentSaarthalFortifyMagicka)
        00049508 : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka01)
        000AD46B : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka02)
        000AD46C : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka03)
        000B7A31 : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka04)
        000B7A32 : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka05)
        000B7A33 : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagicka06)
        0010FB7C : Fortify Magicka (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaBase)
        000B7A34 : Fortify Magicka and Magic Resist (EnchArchmageHoodAll)
        000AD46E : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaRate03)
        0007A112 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaRate04)
        000AD46D : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaRate05)
        000BE00B : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaRate06)
        0010E30B : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesCollegeMagickaRate01)
        0010E311 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesCollegeMagickaRate02)
        0010E312 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesCollegeMagickaRate03)
        0010E313 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesCollegeMagickaRate04)
        0010E314 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesCollegeMagickaRate05)
        00105250 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesFortifyMagickaRate02)
        00104D8F : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesFortifyMagickaRate03)
        00104D90 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesFortifyMagickaRate04)
        00104D91 : Fortify Magicka Rate (EnchRobesFortifyMagickaRate05)
        0010FB7D : Fortify Magicka Regen (EnchArmorFortifyMagickaRateBase)
        0007A114 : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded01)
        000AD471 : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded02)
        000AD472 : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded03)
        000BE00F : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded04)
        000BE010 : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded05)
        000BE011 : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHanded06)
        0010FB7F : Fortify One-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyOneHandedBase)
        0007A115 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket01)
        000AD473 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket02)
        000AD474 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket03)
        000BE012 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket04)
        000BE013 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket05)
        000BE014 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocket06)
        0010FB80 : Fortify Pickpocket (EnchArmorFortifyPickpocketBase)
        0007A116 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration01)
        000AD475 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration02)
        000AD476 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration03)
        000BE015 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration04)
        000BE016 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration05)
        000BE017 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestoration06)
        0010FB81 : Fortify Restoration (EnchArmorFortifyRestorationBase)
        0010E30C : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesCollegeRestoration01)
        0010E30D : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesCollegeRestoration02)
        0010E30E : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesCollegeRestoration03)
        0010E30F : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesCollegeRestoration04)
        0010E310 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesCollegeRestoration05)
        00104D6F : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration01)
        00104D70 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration02)
        00104D71 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration03)
        00104D72 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration04)
        00104D73 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration05)
        00104D74 : Fortify Restoration (EnchRobesFortifyRestoration06)
        0010EAD5 : Fortify Restoration & Magica Regen (EnchRobesRestorationBase)
        0007A117 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing01)
        000AD477 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing02)
        000AD478 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing03)
        000BE018 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing04)
        000BE019 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing05)
        000BE01A : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithing06)
        0010FB82 : Fortify Smithing (EnchArmorFortifySmithingBase)
        0007A118 : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak01)
        000AD479 : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak02)
        000AD47A : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak03)
        000BE01B : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak04)
        000BE01C : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak05)
        000BE01D : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneak06)
        0010FB83 : Fortify Sneak (EnchArmorFortifySneakBase)
        000DC44E : Fortify Sneak and Destruction (DBEnchantNightWeaveBand)
        00064930 : Fortify Speech and One-H (DBEnchantJesterCicero)
        00106FCB : Fortify Stamina (dunEnchGauldurAmuletFragmentGeirmundFortifyStamina)
        0004950A : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina01)
        000AD47D : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina02)
        000AD47E : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina03)
        000BE021 : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina04)
        000BE022 : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina05)
        000BE023 : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStamina06)
        0010FB85 : Fortify Stamina (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaBase)
        000AD480 : Fortify Stamina Regen (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaRate03)
        0007A11A : Fortify Stamina Regen (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaRate04)
        000AD47F : Fortify Stamina Regen (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaRate05)
        000BE024 : Fortify Stamina Regen (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaRate06)
        0010FB86 : Fortify Stamina Regen (EnchArmorFortifyStaminaRateBase)
        0007A11B : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded01)
        000AD481 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded02)
        000AD482 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded03)
        000BE025 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded04)
        000BE026 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded05)
        000BE027 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHanded06)
        0010FB87 : Fortify Two-Handed (EnchArmorFortifyTwoHandedBase)
        0010A06B : Fortify Unarmed (EnchArmorFortifyUnarmed01)
        0010FB88 : Fortify Unarmed (EnchArmorFortifyUnarmedBase)
        00029B65 : Frenzy (StaffEnchFrenzy)
        00045C36 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage01)
        00045C37 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage02)
        00045C39 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage03)
        00045D4B : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage04)
        00045D56 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage05)
        00045D58 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamage06)
        0010FB96 : Frost Damage (EnchWeaponFrostDamageBase)
        000B62DE : Frost Rune (StaffEnchFrostRune)
        00029B5B : Frostbite (StaffEnchFrostbite)
        000F830E : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend001)
        000F830F : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend002)
        000F8310 : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend003)
        000F8311 : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend004)
        000F8312 : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend005)
        00106615 : Frostfeed (EnchWeaponChillrend006)
        000B6030 : Fury (StaffEnchFury)
        000F5D26 : Halldir’s Staff (dunStaffHalldirs)
        00029B6E : Heal Other (StaffEnchHealOther)
        000B62E2 : Healing Hands (StaffEnchHealingHands)
        000D3AB9 : Hidden Pockets (TGArmorFortifyCarry)
        00105830 : Huntsman’s Prowess (dunHaltedStreamtAxeENCH)
        0004DED7 : Ice Spike (StaffEnchIceSpike)
        00029B5A : Ice Storm (StaffEnchIceStorm)
        0005B465 : Ice Terror (dunEnchWeaponFrostmere01)
        000F5D25 : Ice Terror (dunEnchWeaponFrostmere02)
        000F5D27 : Ice Terror (dunEnchWeaponFrostmere03)
        000F5D28 : Ice Terror (dunEnchWeaponFrostmere04)
        000F5D29 : Ice Terror (dunEnchWeaponFrostmere05)
        0010FCF6 : Icy Spear (StaffEnchIcySpear)
        000D3ABE : Improved Hidden Pockets (TGArmorFortifyCarryImproved)
        000D3ABD : Improved Nimble Fingers (TGArmorFortifyLockpickingImproved)
        000D3ABF : Improved Sly of Hand (TGArmorFortifyPickpocketImproved)
        000D3AC0 : Improved Swindler’s Voice (TGArmorFortifySpeechcraftImproved)
        0010FCF3 : Incinerate (StaffEnchIncinerate)
        000E5F42 : Increased Magicka Regen (dunSaarthalEnchJyrikStaff)
        00105833 : Insubstantial (dunAnsilvundGhostbladeENCH)
        000FDBC1 : Invisibility (TG08BInvisibilityEnch)
        0010272F : Keening’s Sting (MGRKeeningEnchantment)
        000F8461 : Konahrik’s Privilege (EnchDragonPriestMaskUltra)
        000F9916 : Krosis’ Subterfuge (EnchDragonPriestMaskBronze)
        00107E2E : Kyne’s Blessing (dunHunterQstEnchAmulet)
        0004DED9 : Lightning Bolt (StaffEnchLightningBolt)
        000F6511 : Locksmith’s Touch (TGArmorFortifyLockpickingMaster)
        00091AE4 : Mace of Molag Bal Enchantment (DA10MaceofMolagBalEnchantment)
        0004DEDD : Magelight (StaffEnchMagelight)
        0005B453 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage01)
        0005B454 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage02)
        0005B455 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage03)
        0005B456 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage04)
        0005B457 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage05)
        0005B458 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamage06)
        0010FB97 : Magicka Damage (EnchWeaponMagickaDamageBase)
        00029B68 : Mass Charm (StaffEnchMassCharm)
        00091AE7 : Mehrunes Razor Enchantment (DA07MehrunesRazorEnchantment)
        00092A77 : Muffle (EnchArmorMuffle)
        0010FB89 : Muffle (EnchArmorMuffleBase)
        000D3AC1 : Muted Step (TGArmorMuffle)
        000FCC02 : Nightingale’s Grasp (TGNightingaleArmorGloves01)
        000FCC03 : Nightingale’s Grasp (TGNightingaleArmorGloves02)
        000FCC04 : Nightingale’s Grasp (TGNightingaleArmorGloves03)
        000FCC01 : Nightingale’s Halo (TGNightingaleArmorHelmet01)
        000FCC00 : Nightingale’s Halo (TGNightingaleArmorHelmet02)
        000FCBFF : Nightingale’s Halo (TGNightingaleArmorHelmet03)
        000FCC08 : Nightingale’s Resolve (TGNightingaleArmorChest01)
        000FCC09 : Nightingale’s Resolve (TGNightingaleArmorChest02)
        000FCC0A : Nightingale’s Resolve (TGNightingaleArmorChest03)
        000F651E : Nightingale’s Storm (EnchWeaponNightingaleBow01)
        000F651F : Nightingale’s Storm (EnchWeaponNightingaleBow02)
        000F6520 : Nightingale’s Storm (EnchWeaponNightingaleBow03)
        000F6521 : Nightingale’s Storm (EnchWeaponNightingaleBow04)
        000F6522 : Nightingale’s Storm (EnchWeaponNightingaleBow05)
        000FCC05 : Nightingale’s Stride (TGNightingaleArmorBoots01)
        000FCC06 : Nightingale’s Stride (TGNightingaleArmorBoots02)
        000FCC07 : Nightingale’s Stride (TGNightingaleArmorBoots03)
        000F6518 : Nightingale’s Talon (EnchWeaponNightingaleSword01)
        000F6519 : Nightingale’s Talon (EnchWeaponNightingaleSword02)
        000F651A : Nightingale’s Talon (EnchWeaponNightingaleSword03)
        000F651B : Nightingale’s Talon (EnchWeaponNightingaleSword04)
        000F651C : Nightingale’s Talon (EnchWeaponNightingaleSword05)
        000D3ABA : Nimble Fingers (TGArmorFortifyLockpicking)
        001019B0 : Notched Pickaxe (dunVolunruudPickaxeEnch)
        0010387A : Oppressive Cloud (MQClearSkyFogEnch)
        000F8462 : Otar’s Will (EnchDragonPriestMaskMarble)
        00029B4A : Paralysis (StaffEnchParalyze)
        000ACBBA : Paralyze (EnchWeaponParalysis04)
        000ACBBB : Paralyze (EnchWeaponParalysis05)
        000ACBBC : Paralyze (EnchWeaponParalysis06)
        0010FB98 : Paralyze (EnchWeaponParalysisBase)
        00101932 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch01)
        001098BA : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch02)
        001098C2 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch03)
        001098C3 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch04)
        001098C4 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch05)
        001098C5 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnch06)
        0010A25D : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe01)
        0010A25E : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe02)
        0010A25F : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe03)
        0010A260 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe04)
        0010A261 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe05)
        0010A262 : Poison Damage (TrapDartPoisonWeapEnchDwe06)
        000A0370 : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch01)
        0010A268 : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch02)
        0010A269 : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch03)
        0010A26A : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch04)
        0010A26B : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch05)
        0010A26C : Poison Gas (TrapPoisonGasEnch06)
        00101A68 : Power of Saarthal (MG02AmuletEnchant)
        000F5D32 : Predator’s Grace (dunEnchDeepwoodMuffle)
        000B602D : Raise Zombie (StaffEnchRaiseZombie)
        00029B64 : Rally (StaffEnchRally)
        000B62DA : Reanimate Corpse (StaffEnchReanimateCorpse)
        000F5D18 : Red Eagle (EnchRedEagle)
        00029B71 : Repel Lesser Undead (StaffEnchRepelLesserUndead)
        00029B98 : Repel Undead (StaffEnchRepelUndead)
        00100E62 : Resist Disease (EnchArmorResistDisease01)
        00100E63 : Resist Disease (EnchArmorResistDisease02)
        0010FB8A : Resist Disease (EnchArmorResistDiseaseBase)
        0004950B : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire01)
        000AD483 : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire02)
        000AD484 : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire03)
        000BE028 : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire04)
        000BE029 : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire05)
        000BE02A : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFire06)
        0010FB8B : Resist Fire (EnchArmorResistFireBase)
        0004950C : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost01)
        000AD485 : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost02)
        000AD486 : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost03)
        000BE02B : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost04)
        000BE02C : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost05)
        000BE02D : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrost06)
        0010FB8C : Resist Frost (EnchArmorResistFrostBase)
        001097B7 : Resist Magic (DA05SaviorsHideEnchantment)
        000FC05B : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic01)
        000FC05C : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic02)
        000FC05D : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic03)
        000FC05E : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic04)
        000FC05F : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic05)
        000FC060 : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagic06)
        0010FB8D : Resist Magic (EnchArmorResistMagicBase)
        00017299 : Resist Magic (EnchYsgramorShield)
        0010EB66 : Resist Magic (MS06EnchShieldL12)
        0010EB69 : Resist Magic (MS06EnchShieldL18)
        0010EB6A : Resist Magic (MS06EnchShieldL25)
        0010EB67 : Resist Magic (MS06EnchShieldL32)
        0010EB68 : Resist Magic (MS06EnchShieldL40)
        00064927 : Resist Poison (DBEnchantShrouded)
        0006492F : Resist Poison (DBEnchantShroudedSP)
        00100E5D : Resist Poison (EnchArmorResistPoison01)
        00100E5E : Resist Poison (EnchArmorResistPoison02)
        0010FB8E : Resist Poison (EnchArmorResistPoisonBase)
        0004950D : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock01)
        000AD487 : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock02)
        000AD488 : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock03)
        000BE02E : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock04)
        000BE02F : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock05)
        000BE030 : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShock06)
        0010FB8F : Resist Shock (EnchArmorResistShockBase)
        00029B53 : Revenant (StaffEnchRevenant)
        000F8301 : Ring of Hircine (DA05HircinesRingEnchantment)
        00091AE8 : Ring of Namira (DA11RingofNamiraEnchantment)
        00029B6D : Rout (StaffEnchRout)
        000F9903 : Scholastic Mastery (EnchAllMagicSchoolsMinor)
        0010854B : Shadowsight (TGLinweHelmetEnchant)
        00108549 : Shadowstrength (TGLinweBootsEnchant)
        0010854A : Shadowstrike (TGLinweGauntletsEnchant)
        00108548 : Shadowthrive (TGLinweCuirassEnchant)
        0010CBE2 : Shock Damage (EnchDwarvenCenturionShockDamage)
        0010CBE1 : Shock Damage (EnchDwarvenSphereShockDamage)
        0010CBE0 : Shock Damage (EnchDwarvenSpiderShockDamage)
        00045D59 : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage01)
        00045D97 : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage02)
        00045F6F : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage03)
        00045F89 : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage04)
        00045F8D : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage05)
        00045F9E : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamage06)
        0010FB99 : Shock Damage (EnchWeaponShockDamageBase)
        000B62DF : Shock Rune (StaffEnchShockRune)
        0003B0B2 : Silent Moons Enchant (dunSilentMoonsEnchWeapon01)
        0003B0D0 : Silent Moons Enchant (dunSilentMoonsEnchWeapon02)
        0003B0D1 : Silent Moons Enchant (dunSilentMoonsEnchWeapon03)
        000F1B2B : Skein of Magnus (MGArchMageRobeEnchant)
        00017362 : Skein of Magnus (MGArchMageRobeHoodedEnchant)
        000B72A2 : Slow (SlowFrostRune)
        000D3ABB : Sly of Hand (TGArmorFortifyPickpocket)
        0005B45F : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap01)
        0005B460 : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap02)
        0005B461 : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap03)
        0005B462 : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap04)
        0005B463 : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap05)
        0005B464 : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrap06)
        0010FB9A : Soul Trap (EnchWeaponSoulTrapBase)
        000B62DC : Soul Trap (StaffEnchSoulTrap)
        0004DEDC : Sparks (StaffEnchSparks)
        000C51F7 : Spellbreaker (DA13SpellBreakerEnch)
        000E57F1 : Spider Control (dunMarkarthWizard_StaffEnchSpiderControl)
        000C1A00 : Spider Control (dunMarkarthWizard_StaffEnchSpiderControlFake)
        0010CAAE : Sprint Hammer (shieldChargeEnchant)
        000239A0 : Staff of Magnus Effect (MG07StaffEnchantment)
        00072674 : Stagger (EnchStagger)
        0005B459 : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage01)
        0005B45A : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage02)
        0005B45B : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage03)
        0005B45C : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage04)
        0005B45D : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage05)
        0005B45E : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamage06)
        0010FB9B : Stamina Damage (EnchWeaponStaminaDamageBase)
        000F6513 : Storyteller’s Touch (TGArmorFortifySpeechcraftMaster)
        000FDBC6 : Subterfuge (TG08BSubterfugeEnch)
        0010E38D : Summon Dremora (DA14StaffEnchSummonDremora)
        000A88CA : Summon Ghost (dunRannveigStaffEnchSummonGhost)
        000D3ABC : Swindler’s Voice (TGArmorFortifySpeechcraft)
        000F5D19 : Terror (EnchBloatedMan)
        000D36E2 : Throw Voice Shout (EnchThrowVoiceShout)
        0010FCF5 : Thunderbolt (StaffEnchThunderbolt)
        00029B72 : Turn Greater Undead (StaffEnchTurnGreaterUndead)
        000B62E3 : Turn Lesser Undead (StaffEnchTurnLesserUndead)
        0005B46C : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead01)
        0005B46D : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead02)
        0005B46E : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead03)
        0005B46F : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead04)
        0005B470 : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead05)
        000BF3F5 : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndead06)
        0010FB9C : Turn Undead (EnchWeaponTurnUndeadBase)
        00029B96 : Turn Undead (StaffEnchTurnUndead)
        000F81E4 : Vampire Hood (EnchVampireHood)
        000F8463 : Vokun’s Mastery (EnchDragonPriestMaskSteel)
        000FA732 : Volendrung Enchantment (DA06VolendrungEnchantment)
        000F8464 : Volsung’s Guile (EnchDragonPriestMaskCorundrum)
        0009B245 : Wabbajack Damage (DA15StaffEnchWabbajack)
        0009B2B4 : Wabbajack Damage (dunBluePalaceStaffEnchWabbajack)
        000A0D9B : Waking Nightmare (DA16SkullofCorruptionEnchantment)
        00029B5D : Wall Of Flames (StaffEnchWallOfFlames)
        00029B5E : Wall Of Frost (StaffEnchWallOfFrost)
        00029B5F : Wall Of Storms (StaffEnchWallOfStorms)
        00092A76 : Waterbreathing (EnchArmorWaterbreathing)
        0010FB90 : Waterbreathing (EnchArmorWaterbreathingBase)
        00105A02 : Windshear Bash (dunEnchWeaponKatariahScimitar)
        000D397D : (dunFrostflowAbyssBoonEnch)
        0001729C : (EnchDragonPriestIron)
        0001729E : (EnchDragonPriestMaskMoonstone)
        0010B115 : (EnchSilverSword)
        000170F2 : (MS11NecromancersAmuletEnchantment)
        00073328 : (TrapFireRune)
        0010A27E : (TrapFrostRune)
        0010A27F : (TrapLightningRune)[/3H]
    0010C6EB : Werewolf Claws (PlayerWerewolfLvl50AndOverAbility)
    000EC357 : Werewolf Feed (WerewolfFeed)

    sorry if its ALOT
    Last edited by pureIso; 12-23-2011 at 12:21 AM.


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