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[TUTORIAL] x360 Dungeon defenders modding for übernoobs
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    serious business [TUTORIAL] x360 Dungeon defenders modding for übernoobs

    I will not give you any free weapons or personally teach you how to mod.

    Other that that, if you are an advanced modder feel free to tell me where I can find: Hero stats (on the HERO, not equipment) level up points, max level, etc. (work in progress)

    x360 Dungeon defenders modding for übernoobs.

    Things you will need:

    1: USB Thumbdrive. (max 16 gigabytes, min 768 Megabytes, I think)
    2: A Computer.

    What you need to install, according to this tutorial:

    1: Modio ( http://www.filesonic.se/file/4026728015 ,
    scroll down and press "Slow download", then wait 30 seconds, then enter the Captcha and press "Submit")

    Install it.

    2: fairchild's Decompression toolkit and Idlehands88's Hex edit picture (found here in the forum if you are registered)
    Download the decompression toolkit and unrar/unzip its contents to c:\saves, c:\modding or whatever you choose to be your modding folder.

    3: Hex Workshop ( http://download.cnet.com/Hex-Worksho...=dl&tag=button )

    Install it.


    1: Plug thumbdrive inte the xbox, press the home/xbox button on the controller and go to Settings, System settings, Memory, Highlight the thumbdrive, press Y (Device options) and choose to use it for Xbox.

    2: When that is done, go to Storage Devices and press your Harddrive.
    Go to Games, Dungeon Defenders, and choose your savegame (not the backup) and Press Move (it can not be copied), and Press your thumbdrive.

    Now the savegame is on your thumbdrive and ready to be modded (after it has been backed up, hold on)

    3: Plug thumbdrive into computer. If a Windows message comes up the drive might be damaged, press "Continue anyway".

    On to the Modding:

    4: Open Modio, Click on "Open from a device", doubleclick on the cryptic number in the list (it's your xbox live profile name, in computer language),
    doubleclick on Dungeon Defenders and doubleclick on DunDefSave.

    5: Click on the blue tab "File Contents" in the window that comes up, and rightclick on DunDefHeroes.dun and choose "Extract file" and navigate to c:\saves, c:\modding or what folder you have created to do the modding in and save it there.

    6: Open windows explorer (not internet exporer!) and go to the folder you have saved it to (c:\saves, c:\modding etc.) and create a new folder called mod1

    7: Copy paste (DO NOT MOVE THEM, COPY THEM) both dd.exe and DunDefHeroes.dun into the mod1 folder.

    8: press Windows start button and on xp choose "Run", write cmd and press enter, on Vista or 7 write cmd in the search bar and rightclick the program that comes up and choose "Run as admin".
    Press Yes on "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer" , if it comes up.

    9: write these commmands as I write them (halt before [press enter]:

    cd c:\yourmodfoldername\mod1 [press enter] (like; cd c:\saves\mod1 , or cd c:\modding\mod1 )

    dd -d dundefheroes.dun save.decompressed [press enter]

    Now you can minimize the CMD window.

    10: Open Hex workshop. Press File - Open, navigate to the c:\saves\mod1 folder (or what you named it) and doubleclick on save.decompressed

    11: Welcome the the complicated part.

    12: Study IdleHands88's picture. Scroll/page down in the hex workshop until you recongnize something like this: 1DunDefEquipment.Equipment[insert your first hero class here]
    This will be what you have equipped, not your inventory. Like pet, weapon, and armor.
    You can easily see what equipment is what here, like torso, headgear, foot, hands etc.

    13: Congratulations, you are now ready to follow godslam's guide for hex editing. ( http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...geon+Defenders )

    PS: In modio, Press Rehash and Resign BEFORE you choose "Save to device".

    I take no copyright for fairchild, IdleHands88 or godslam's fine work. This is just an extended tutorial for übernoobs.
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    Re: [TUTORIAL] x360 Dungeon defenders modding for übernoobs

    I didn't make the Decompression Toolkit, fairchild did. Also I'm pretty sure the lowest size USB that works is 1GB not 256MB :P
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    Re: [TUTORIAL] x360 Dungeon defenders modding for übernoobs

    awlriighty then, if your gonna strong-arm me into it :P

    also, Im pretty sure now that I think about it that the lowest size was 768 megs. :D



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