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[Skyrim] Mod all perks v2.0 PC only
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    Vincent Valentine

    high [Skyrim] Mod all perks v2.0 PC only

    Okay sorry if this is in the wrong topic but i didn't know where else to put this lol

    Here are two .txt files to unlock all perks at once and to remove all perks at once, Its very simple all you do is extract it from the Rar folder, go to C:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim and drag/drop the .txt files into The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

    Now start up Skyrim and load your save, once loaded you open up the console command "~" button and type this in exactly
    remove all perks are: bat removeperks
    add all perks: bat allperks

    It will now give you every perk, Enjoy
    Skyrim All Perks v2.0.rar
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