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Dungeon defender help !
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    What Dungeon defender help !

    can somebody teach me to edit weapons and armor

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    Re: Dungeon defender help !

    how bout using this magical thing called the search bar and search for a tut

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    Re: Dungeon defender help !

    I really neeed help lol........... I download the Horizon and finish all of the stuff, I know how to decompressed thingy in cmd, but I dont know how to edit stuff in the Hex Editor...... can someone help and explaine to me at it please....? ( There is picture of Idlehand88 about the hex editor but i'm a newbie , really dont understand anything)

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    Re: Dungeon defender help !

    Hey, Can Anyine Teach me on to ModWeapons for Dungeon Defenders? that would be great or Just give me one? it will help to the maximum just add me On xbox 360 NoVa Rezistance.



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