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dungeon defenders modding..
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    irey jason

    dungeon defenders modding..

    i hate to sound like a free loader but im tired of failing..if anyone could get me a modded weapon for my squire it would be awesome.. you can have any of my items..
    tried to mod a few times.. just dont think im cut out for it.. someone with a heart hook a bro up my gt Irey jason ...thanks to those who care god bless

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    Re: dungeon defenders modding..

    send me your save and ill do it

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    Re: dungeon defenders modding..

    what do u mean by "Send me your save"?

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    Re: dungeon defenders modding..

    Quote Originally Posted by Bojangls View Post
    what do u mean by "Send me your save"?
    *Facepalm* send him either your DefDunSave, or your DunDefHeroes.dun
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    Re: dungeon defenders modding..

    A couple days late, but did u get some mods like u wanted? Curious, where were you failing on modding? was it decompiling, editing/compiling, injection, save & rehash? It's not super hard to figure out, with a little research (a Hexadecimal Conversion Table), a couple calculators, and idlehand's tutorial you'll be on the right track.
    Now I did have one problem starting up in that APPARENTLY where ever your save.decompressed is with dd.exe you also need to leave the DungDefHeroes.dun & DunDefSave files in there too for dd.exe to recompile properly. I may be wrong, but whatever small change I made in my workflow did make my mods work. You can use Horizon or modio to extract those 2 files from your usb gamesave. You don't need to mess with the backup file, which I'm told is just character data, unless you want to mod your character directly like making level 9999 or making your character look like a ghost or jellyfish (neon glow).

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    Re: dungeon defenders modding..

    If you didn't just make that account to ask for mods and are reading this I am willing to give some to you .
    PM me for my GT and more info , your welcome .
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