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[Tutorial] Skyrim Race Mix PC only
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    Vincent Valentine

    serious business [Tutorial] Skyrim Race Mix PC only

    Tutorial created by TheClassyPython

    This Tutorial is how to combine 3 races into one!

    1. Create a character like normal or with showracemenu. Set the face up how you want it and finish.

    note: Nord can't be your primary race because they always become headless from setplayerrace.
    In a 3+ hybrid nords can still be used for complexion(so step 4-6)

    2. Change to the race you want the eyes,hair/haircolor, facial hair,and warpaint/makeup by using setplayerrace <race>.

    3. Enter showracemenu, but do not touch the race(this will break the loop). Make adjustments to the above settings.

    4. While in the race menu enter setplayerrace <race> a the third race that you want the skin tone,complexion, and haircolor(hairstyle/facial hair is locked to what race 2 had).
    At this point you lose camera control.It sways back and forth slowly around your face.
    Note: You can finish this step here or keep going.

    5.Optional, Repeat step 4 with a 4th race. This way you could have the complexion of one race and the skin tone of another. Note: You can finish this step here or keep going.

    6.Optional, Repeat step 5 with a 5th race.
    Note: You can finish this step here or keep going. I wouldn't recommend more than a 5 race hybrid( since race 3-5 only have access to skin tone/complexion/and haircolor.)

    7. Use Setplayerrace <race> and return to the second race and fix your hairstyle,facial hair, and eyebrows(don't reposition them). Press R and name/finalize your character.
    I recommend this step for stability reasons.

    8. Use Setplayerrace <race> and return to your original race, save the game, load a different file(preferably of the opposite gender so that your new character isn't stored in memory), then load your hybrid race file. If you still have your head you did it right. Enter/leave 1st person, just to confirm that you still have a head.

    Your warpaint may change to some combination of 2 different warpaints when you load. One will always be red and the other will be the color you choose. You may end up with 2 you didn't choose, one from the list of warpaints available to the first race and one that seems random.
    You can get some unique 2 tone warpaint styles this way.
    To avoid this don't select any warpaint.
    Sorry, this is a side effect of 3+ hybrid races. Though it may not happen, you won't actually know until you reload your save.

    If you want a human race with non-glitchy elf hair imperials work best, atleast for female characters. Imperials seem to have a similar shape to the elf/orc hair meshes. Bretons look bad with elf/orc hair.

    Beast races only work well with beast race complexions, but can have non-beast skin tones/hairstyles. As a secondary race the don't work well(you'll have a set of floating eyes over brown eyes). Use only as race 3-5 unless both primary and secondary races are both beast races, or the secondary race in a 2 race hybrid.

    Nords are also only good for race 3-5, or race 2 in a 2 race hybrid. Oddly Nord vampires don't suffer from the headless glitch, but normal Nords do.

    To get the proper race names for <race> just use "help race 0", then use page up/dn to scroll through the list.

    EX: bretonrace, imperialrace, argonianrace, nordracevampire, dremorarace

    Alternate 3-4 Race Hybrid(no secondary race)
    1. showracemenu

    2. select the race you want to end up(select any other race and scroll back to the race you want)

    3. use setplayerrace <race> to change to the race you want to make a hybrid with. At this point you lose camera control.

    4. Change skintone and or complexion(everything else will be the same as the original races options)

    5. Setplayerrace <race> for a third race, for haircolor/skin tone/ complexion

    6. Setplayerrace <race> for a fourth race(optional), for haircolor/skin tone/ complexion. 5+ race hybrids are is pointless.

    5. Change back to the first race with setplayerrace <race> and make the final changes.

    6. press R and name your character and your done
    Use the command "SetPlayerRace" all you have to do is just type in SetPlayerRace with a race after that for ex: SetPlayerRace HighElf

    All of these below are what you use for the command "SetPlayerRace"
    Vampire Race - RaceVampire (say you want to be a nord vampire you type in this) NordRaceVampire
    Dark Elf - DarkElf
    High Elf - HighElf
    Argonian - Argonian
    Kahjiit - Kahjiit
    Nord - Nord
    Wood Elf - WoodElf
    Orc - Orc
    Imperial - Imperial
    Breton - Breton
    Red Guard - RedGuard

    Enjoy your new custom/mixed charcters

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    The Immortal God

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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Race Mix PC only

    this sounds interesting, nice find man and cool share :)
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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Race Mix PC only

    This is a nice tut , nice share oHORIZONSo
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