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I've decided on my first program!
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    Emerald Lance

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    I've decided on my first program!

    I desperately want to start programming mod tools. I've started learning Visual Basic and I've made a few rudimentary programs for practice (I made my own ring editor for Sonic Adventure, for instance). And so now I know the first game I want to make a full-blown editor for: Armored Core 5! I've contemplated making one for AC:FA that does more than just edit FRS points, but with AC:FA hardly being played at all and AC5 just over the horizon, I figured it would be better to devote my time to something people would use more. The only thing that would hinder me is if there is security (western versions are being developed by Namco-Bandai, and they've been known to place security in online games) but even then I'm sure I can find somebody who would be willing to help me bypass it.

    Assuming the works similar to AC:FA, I have a few things I already know I'm gonna do. First and foremost, I will make sure to learn right away the legit limits of the game; my reasoning is that AC5 will be entirely online and I don't want anybody to be able to gain an unfair advantage. I have big plans for it! I know that people don't normally announce this kind of thing to the world because somebody might take the idea and do it first, but I'm hoping to have the opposite effect: I'd like people to say "wait, Emerald Lance wants to make a tool for this game, I think I'll let him have it" and all that, which is especially true for JTAG owners that can get the game early (I have to wait until the game is released to start work on it).

    I'm really excited for this. Giddy, even. This will be my first big contribution to the hacking community. Here's hoping it all goes according to plan (dreams seem to have a way of being broken). Merry Christmas. ^-^
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    Re: I've decided on my first program!

    Merry Christmas! I hope everything goes well with your first modding tool Emerald Lance if I knew anything about modding I would've helped but I don't lol

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    Re: I've decided on my first program!

    gud luck:)



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