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DUNGEON DEFENDERS (I MOD) - Share knowledge
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    grin DUNGEON DEFENDERS (I MOD) - Share knowledge

    This thread I'd like to keep on just sharing knowledge of modding discoveries in Dungeon Defenders.
    To start off with some of the things I do.
    For one I make Hex column 58 (Item Quality) from 01 02 03 usually 0C which makes the item cursed. NOT GODLY.
    I do this for the simple reason that any toon level can wear it and smash insane modes right away.
    Column 58 is just the minimum required level to wield/wear it.

    Column 54 (charge speed) I make E2 (decimal value in game of 99) which is just about perfect
    to quickly tap RT without going into charging.. FF won’t allow u to shot regular shots as the
    moment u hit RT it’s already charged.

    To make you pet the same size (roughly) as your toon go to column 30 (hit right arrow ~29 times from the end of 01 02 03)
    and enter 40 11 E8 F2, the pets feet will barely touch the ground on the center of it's up/down wobble.

    Question 1: DEAD SPACE after Column 73?
    the dead space after column 73 (max level) is 18 columns long and then item lock (column 92) and then 1 more dead space (column 74).
    With items like DunDefEquipment.VictoryItems.MageStaff_VictoryRewa rd (Dad's staff) there's a value of 00000000400000400000004348... etc until the standard 3F 80 color glow. With standard items it's usually 000000000000000000000000010100000001. With the giraffe pet i found 0000019F000000F60000008801010000000100000000000000 00000000000000.
    There's also another dead space for 4 colums at column 69 which is after the item serial numbers.
    So what are these "dead spaces" used for or can be used for?

    Question 2: For finding the stats to mod for items we look for 01 02 03 ofc, but what about for modding Character level/colors?

    Question 3: Making items glow neon?

    Question 4: Color index for the massive 00 00 00 00 primaries and secondaries? for Hexidecimal color finders it's for all RGBs in just 6 digits. The game uses 8 digits per color (RGB & glows), so how it the world do these color colums ACTUALLY translate in game?

    Special thanks to Fair and idle for sharing your findings and work!

    Last edited by XboxRainbowMods; 05-12-2012 at 05:49 AM. Reason: Spelling errors, gah! still probably missed a couple lol.



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