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Armored Core 4 Troubles
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    Armored Core 4 Troubles

    Well, I recently bought Armored Core 4, I've been trying to use various programs to edit my money. However, when I do this, I go to load the save and it will say the amount that I modded my money to, but once I load that save, it goes back to my original value of money. I'm not quite sure if I'm doing something wrong? Or are the save editors for this game no longer working as they should...I've used 360 Revolution, I've used 360 Tools, and a few others, none of which seem to work. If anyone has anything that could help me out here, that would be great.

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: Armored Core 4 Troubles

    Is the this game any good

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    Re: Armored Core 4 Troubles

    It's a good game so far. The only problem I've really run into, they don't explain much. But it's fun, and definitely worth at least a try.

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    Re: Armored Core 4 Troubles

    i dont know how to fix that problem except to earn more money the bigger the number the easier to mod but if you need money play the simulations they earn quick cash (Nades work through the whole campaign and Sims) if you dont want to do that there is my save on Modio with all the FRS with all missions complete (User:odstshane)
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    Re: Armored Core 4 Troubles

    Thank you for letting me know Shane, it's mostly just wanting money. I don't really need FRS, though it's helpful, I'd like to go through the game mostly with out modding much is all. So that's what is making this hard at the moment.

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    Emerald Lance

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    Re: Armored Core 4 Troubles

    When I was modding AC4, I never ran into that problem. What you're describing sounds like there are two values for money that are cross-referenced (evidently as a security precaution); of course, I know this game, and I know that there's only one value for money, so that makes this issue very very weird. If you want, send me your save and I'll manually mod the money for you. Just tell me how much you have (the higher the better, since I don't know where the address is by heart) and how much you want it to.

    That said, if you beat the game once, you get every part in the shop for free, so money becomes useless after a certain point.
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