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[Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything
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    Fake smile [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    This is just a video i made on how to transfer your skyrim save from xbox to pc then from their you can use console commands to edit everything you want in skyrim
    Originally found out what the format of the save is for pc from pureiso

    And here's a Text Tutorial if you don't want to watch the video:
    1.In Horizon open your harddrive/flashdrive
    2.Open your skyrim gamesave
    3.Go to contents and extract "savegame.dat" to desktop
    4.Rename "savegame.dat" to "savegame.ess"
    5.Move "savegame.ess" to Skyrim saves folder (in Mygames folder)
    6.Play Skyrim(PC)
    7.Load the save you just added
    8.Use console commands to change your stuff (the "~" key)
    9.Save the game (overwrite save) Quit game
    10.Move "savegame.ess" to desktop
    11.Rename "savegame.ess" to "savegame.dat"
    12.Right click "savegame.dat" (in Horizon) click replace
    13.Choose the "savegame.dat" from your desktop
    14.Cick "Save,Rehash and Resign"
    15.Play Skyrim(Xbox360) Have Fun ^_^
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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    Umm...thanks I guess.
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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    Thanks man, i bought the activation disk for steam, then i installed it and took the disk back for a trade in for the xbox version and now i have pc and xbox versions lol, so ima try this out! Thanks!

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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    Thanks for tutorial.

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    corey 360

    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    I obtained, thanks a lot for sharing this.
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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    Hello to all my writing I am forgiven for using the google traducor of it I was not very good at English.
    I tried the tutorial and all good until you put the game in the console, then I get an error saying the game was created with a newer version of Skyrim update and nothing to do there is no way to know to be thank you.

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    corey 360

    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    With me it gave certain, the version of the game that I used as much PC how much in the Xbox he is the 1.1

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    Re: [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything

    thanks for answer, I think the problem is to re-enter the savegame.dat save the game in which I create a file larger and does not recognize the Xbox


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