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Dragon Ball Hoshi?
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    Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    I've seen some websites that state that a new Dragon Ball series will take place. But then again, I personally think it's DBAF all over again.
    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    i also think it is fake, but secretly hope its true
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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    Sadly appears to be false, from what i've heard it's just a fake trailer using clips from Dragon Ball Heroes or some other game anyway. Too bad, a new Dragon Ball series would've been awesome if they did it right.

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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    I hope its true and if so i can,t wait
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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    Fake. The scenes were taken from Dragon Ball Heroes.
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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    its very likely fake, but then again a lot of old anime is getting a true reboot (full metal alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin etc) so there may be some truth in it.
    Could be a Dragon Ball reboot, which would be sweet if they actually redo all the animation and not just the intro. Ahh a man can dream:)
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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    Yeah, all those anime are indeed getting reboots, but that's because they hardly followed the original manga. The FMA anime couldn't be any more different from the manga without being an entirely new series, so they made Brotherhood; the exact same thing goes for Kenshin. The same can be said for Helsing, so on and so forth.

    Dragon Ball, however, followed the manga extremely close, the only difference between the two being the filler (which was so expertly woven in that it's still difficult to tell the two apart) and a few minor aesthetic changes (in the manga Piccolo only has 4 fingers but in the anime he has 5 like a human). Going by the same logic most of these anime reboots have been following, there'd be no reason to make another Dragon Ball. Besides, Dragon Ball Kai was supposed to be the reboot anyway.

    Add to that, if we do see another series it would just be done by Toei Animation. The only involvement Akira Toriyama would have with it would be giving permission to Toei to make it. Toriyama stopped caring about DB after the Frieza Saga (by his own admission), which is the main reason he didn't do GT; he desperately wanted to move on and finish the series, but his publishers pretty much forced him to keep writing more. When it came time for GT, he got out as fast as he could. The biggest thing people hated about GT is that "oooooh, it's not canon because Toriyama didn't write it" and all that, so unless people can get over the fact that Toriyama vomits every time he sees DB because it's been rammed down his throat so much, I doubt a new series would go over too well.

    I'm happy by the main series being kept alive by the video games and random fan mangas and OVAs that pop up occasionally. While a new series would be kinda cool at first, I think it'd get old fast among fans. Only the hardest core fans would stick along, and it wouldn't be enough to fund the anime.
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    Re: Dragon Ball Hoshi?

    Don't forget we already had Dragon Ball Kai, which actually did follow the manga to the letter. All filler materials were removed, things that didn't happen in the manga was removed as well.

    They remade some fighting scenes with new updated art (not the entire series sadly!), and had finished it at the end of the Cell Saga. There's been no new plans for a new DB series at all from that point, so I'm not counting on anything. And I know for a fact that this whole Dragon Ball Hoshi thing is a hoax, because all the scenes are simply from Dragon Ball Heroes. Just because there's a few scenes available that looks real doesn't mean an entirely new show is being made.

    Of course it'd be awesome to have a full remake or whatever with NEW updated art all the time, I don't think we'll be seeing it sadly. :(
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