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(REQ) Halo Reach Legendary Gamesave
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    Sweat (REQ) Halo Reach Legendary Gamesave

    Hey guys I was modding my gamesave with liberty when i press next in the save selection tab it says "Unable to extract mmiof.bmf to C:\users\itata128\AppData\Local\Liberty\reachSaveB ackup\#### or ###". (the number changes everytime). P.S. This was my third level and my third time modding my gamesave.

    So I was wondering if anybody could give me a solution to this error or if anyone could send me a gamesave with all or if not most achievements unlocked, campaign finished and on legendary.

    Thanks in advance,
    itata128. :)

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    Re: (REQ) Halo Reach Legendary Gamesave

    you mate there is a program that mod's halo reach that i used don't know who made it and it works to to get it just go to this dude youtube link
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkjasdQtn_w and download it.



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